Inktober day 31 (final day!) – slice

Wow! I can’t believe I’ve actually achieved and completed this challenge. I genuinely drew one picture every day through October. I’ve had the opportunity to try out different styles (cartoon, realistic, portrait, single line etc) and learn shading techniques. I’ve found that drawing every day really does reduce the pressure to produce a perfect picture as you know there will be another chance to draw something new the next day.

Sometimes I’ve been brave enough to just draw with pen, other times I’ve started with pencil and gone over it with pen. Both have been valuable in their own ways.

I wasn’t sure how I would do with the challenge, or even if I would complete it, but I’m proud of myself for keeping on going, for facing the challenges and for not letting fear stop me from trying.

Today’s final prompt was slice and that made me think of a slice of lemon. Here’s the photo, and here’s my drawing.

It’s not my best (though I don’t think it’s my worst either… That dubious honour will always go to my roast chicken!), but it was cool to really look at the photo in detail and think about how the segments are made up. Interestingly I don’t think I can say which is my best, because they are different styles, but my favourites are: my chicken, battle of ypres, Rapunzel, the goldfinch, the turtle, Paris, the wine bottle and glass, the drain swirl, and my hedgehog. Which was your favourite from the month?


8 thoughts on “Inktober day 31 (final day!) – slice”

  1. I’m partial to chickens, and birds in general, but I think Ypres was my favorite. There was a lot of energy in that drawing and the line work was excellent.
    I hope you keep working on your drawings.


    1. Oh cool… I feel proud that you were so drawn to a non bird drawing 😊. I’ve started a little sketch journal so I can play around with drawing a small picture every day, related to what’s happened. I probably won’t post them here though as it will probably have more personal details than I want to share over the Internet! It’ll be fun to experiment with drawing meaningful things from memory. I’ll try to do other drawings too though, and maybe experiment a bit more with zentangles. Thank you for your encouragement through this challenge, I’ve appreciated it 😊

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    1. It’s nice though, that even though there are some pictures I was disappointed with there are significantly more that I am proud of. That wine bottle one is funny because without the daily prompts I don’t think I would ever have chosen that subject, but I really enjoyed the process of drawing it and was super pleased with the final picture


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