Sketch journal

I may not have been blogging, but I have been drawing every day still. I’ve started a sketch journal, and the idea is to draw something from that day. None of the pictures in and of themselves are amazing, but i’m enjoying thinking back over my day and trying to draw something about it from memory. The pages as a whole look cool with a little description underneath as well. I can’t show you the descriptions as they often mention other people, but hopefully these pictures will give you an idea of what I’ve been doing.


8 thoughts on “Sketch journal”

    1. Thank you so much. Its funny, but I was disappointed with the lady next to the tent and with peppa, but I did really like my magpie, even if the acrobatic squirrel rather blended in to the background. It’s cool to know that others like my pictures even if I’m not so thrilled with them. I really enjoyed playing with the colours for the autumn trees though. I’m looking forward to seeing your drawings too

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      1. Thanks Julia. Everything keeps getting pushed back, but I am working really hard on learning to work in little moments of time as I have them, rather than waiting until I have ‘enough time’ to finish a project.
        Your pen lines and energy are just wonderful. Keep it up!
        I think I’m drawn to the lady because I am developing the concept for a series of paintings with circus sideshow characters. I’m planning to start with drawings and take my time developing the painting concepts, so I’ll have lots to share.
        The autumn trees were lovely as well, but I’m really drawn to the drawings.


      2. Oh cool. The circus picture was because I’ve been reading ‘the night circus’ which was great. I also really enjoyed another circus themed book called ‘water for Elephants’. I can highly recommend both 😊. That sounds sensible about using bits of time… There never seems to be enough time in a block!

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