A little duck

Back when I was pregnant my husband bought me a Toft kit to crochet a little chick and a duck. I started one and managed 13 rows before it ended up in a bag behind my sofa. As I’m now trying to finish off projects before starting new ones I thought I’d pick it up today.

I started crocheting but once I’d done the neck area I was bothered by how big the holes were where I’d been decreasing. Once I’d done a couple of rows in the decrease part of the head I thought it might be useful to check if my technique was correct… Turns out it wasn’t! So I frogged back from row 24 all the way back to 13.

Where I started
Several hours later

It was frustrating, and the yarn didn’t necessarily like being reused as some of it had untwisted in the process, but I’m really glad I did this as the big holes have disappeared and it all looks a lot neater.

Once I’d reached row 21 for the second time I made the mistake of showing Mr E the options and asking if he’d like me to make a duck or a chick. He really wanted the duck, but unfortunately he also REALLY wanted it right now! I’ve now managed to get it to the stage of having a stuffed head and body, and the cuddle he gave it was just precious, and he decided to take it to bed with him! Now I’m going to have to prize it off him to sew other body parts on as I get them completed!

But I also need a bit of advice if anyone can help please. The final stage is sewing on eyes with black wool. How do you secure the wool if you’ve already sewn up and stuffed the head (which is the order they suggest)?

By the way, I’m still working on the virus shawl. It’s grown a bit but otherwise looks just the same as the last photos I shared!


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