Progress with the duck

I’m feeling really chuffed with myself today. I’ve made the beak, the feet (which were super fiddly to get started, but highlighted the fact that I’m still using my own techniques rather than reading the Toft instructions properly, which obviously make the process a lot easier!) and solved the eye problem.

Mr E holding his little duck… He was so excited to see the beak
A characterful duck with its wonky feet that make it look like it’s mid stride!

For the eyes I put the needle through the mid point, then sewed on vertical straight lines, and then brought the needle back out of the entry point. I knotted the ends together and then poked the knot back through the hole to bury it in the stuffing. I think this should hold well and stop the eyes becoming loose.

Now little duck just needs two wings and it’ll be finished. That’s a job for tomorrow though!


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