Baby blanket finished

Having started the baby blanket ages ago I suddenly realised I needed to get it finished ready to gift before the baby got too big! I realised I could capitalise on Mr E’s snack and TV watching time by crocheting then instead of reading, which meant I could also engage with him on what he was watching. So I started making progress, but not fast enough.

Yesterday I worked solidly through Mr E’s nap and then in the evening, and I got it finished and was able to gift it today. I’d won the game of yarn chicken (you can see how little yarn was left as it’s alongside the left of the blanket in the photo) and finished the blanket off with a final row of double crochet, which made it look much neater. And the mum was really pleased to receive a hand made blanket (and I got baby cuddles, so it was all fab!)

I’ve really enjoyed having some crochet on the go, and I realised I have quite a few unfinished projects behind my sofa, so I dug out my virus shawl which I started back before Mr E was on the scene and used to do while waiting for scans. I remember not really enjoying it as I ended up counting lots and not being able to concentrate on anything else. Plus I generally get a bit disheartened with things that get longer rows each time because they take so much longer each time and I feel like I’m not making much progress. But actually this afternoon I got a couple of rows done and found it reasonably relaxing. That said, it’s a super fine yarn, so very delicate, and I’m wondering who would actually use it as it’s so light weight and presumably won’t be that warm. But I love the colours in it, which, combined with the holes, make me think of a peacock tail.

This is a better representation of the actual colour

Now we just have to wait and see how long it is before I next blog to tell you it’s finished!

6 thoughts on “Baby blanket finished”

  1. Yes the baby blanket is gorgeous! I love the heart motif. And of course I adore those peacock blues and greens in the scarf!


  2. Christine has said just what I would say! But it was lovely to see the blanket when it was much smaller and now to see how much you have achieved since then.


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