Inktober day 3 – roasted

Well today I thought I would try drawing a roast chicken as I realised I need to practise different shading techniques.

First I followed a video online and had a go at using the different shading types on spheres. I really did not like stippling (the tiny dots) as it took ages, and some of my dots turned into tiny lines as I rushed to fill the spaces!

I also decided to play with curved lines to see if that gave a more rounded feel than the straight horizontal lines.

It was interesting to try to copy the lines they used on the demonstration, as I would have just done single lines going all the way across rather than breaking the line part way and then continuing. Looking back now on how I’ve shaded my chicken I can see that that is something I need to be conscious of.

Anyway… Here’s the chicken… Another embarrassing offering I’m afraid… I’m not sure it would be recognisable if I hadn’t told you what it was. Its completely out of proportion and not the correct orientation.

Here’s where I first stopped work on it

Here’s where it is now, after I’ve realised that only shading where the darkest parts are really doesn’t work and you need some marks elsewhere as well.

Tomorrow’s prompt is spell. Not feeling inspired at the moment though.


15 thoughts on “Inktober day 3 – roasted”

  1. It’s funny how much you see when you actually start looking if you see what I mean. I tend to think in light and then dark shadow but there is so much more. Great chicken – not a sentence I ever thought I’d type 🤣


    1. In fairness it’s not as great as the chicken I actually roasted for my tea… But no matter how good it was it was never gonna be that good. I’ve decided the oversized chicken drumstick in my drawing was probably just my subconscious coming into play as that’s my favourite bit of the chicken! Hope you’ve had inspiration for today’s prompt… Or just gone with your own idea 😊


      1. Ha ha, not much is ever better than an actual roast chicken. I’m sitting here trying to decide what to draw but the minute I stop procrastinating and start my daughter and husband will get home from her gymnastics and I’ll have to cook dinner for him and I so it’s going to be another quick doodle tonight I think.


      2. I’m really hoping I have time tomorrow as I like the idea of spell but have a school thing to go to. I’ve done today’s but I totally hate it. Will try to get a pic once I’ve eaten something.


      3. It’s pretty rubbish when you spend time drawing or making something and then realise you don’t like it or it really hasn’t turned out how you’d hoped. Here hoping for a quiet little block of time for you today 😊

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  2. That’s a funky chicken for sure Julia, but not a bad effort. Mark-making is challenging. I think you just need to keep working on it. Ironically, I love stippling and cross-hatching the most.
    I also struggle with concentrating on the darkest areas. I tend to make my drawings too dark overall.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your posts.


      1. Not good or bad really. Just funky. Sometimes things don’t look perfect in real life and sometimes our sketches don’t turn out how we like.
        I think it’s wonderful either way and definitely looks like a chicken.


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