Inktober day 10 – flowing

Well I’ll admit I really didn’t want to think about today’s prompt… I couldn’t imagine producing an even half decent picture of a river or long hair and I couldn’t think of anything different to try. But then I wondered if I should go to my favourite Disney princess and draw Rapunzel from Tangled. Here she is

I used different thicknesses of fine liner to get the different lines in her hair to try to get texture whilst still looking blonde.

Hoorah for a prompt that got me to achieve something I didn’t think I could 😊


9 thoughts on “Inktober day 10 – flowing”

  1. This is really, really good. I knew from the second I saw it that it was Rapunzel. I love how you have got the swishyness (yup, making words up now!) of the hair. It really looks as though it is swirling around her 😀

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