Rosie posie blanket

Well, now that I’ve joined the Rosie posie squares together it is possibly my favourite thing I’ve crocheted. It’s amazing how much the look changed once I bordered each square and started to join them.

It will be gifted tomorrow, in time for the mum to be’s baby shower, which unfortunately I will miss.

Here is the finished, beautiful (but rather small) blanket


Ripple baby blanket

Gosh, it’s been ages since I posted anything here. In the meantime I’ve finished a ripple baby blanket. I wanted it to be chevrons but just couldn’t get it to work. Then I couldn’t get the first ripple pattern to work either. Thankfully attic 24 had a pattern that I could follow, understand and make accurately.

Quite a lot of ends later and and double crochet border and I’ve finished a baby blanket which is a good size for tucking a little one into a car seat. Hoping it keeps him nice and cosy.

On to the next baby blanket now!

Birthday crafts

It’s been a fun weekend. It was my birthday on Saturday, and I was soooooo excited when I opened a present from my fab husband that contained an invitation from lynda-rose and Lisa to the Crochet sanctuary weekend in February.

A whole weekend in a beautiful location, with workshops and yarn and people with similar interests… I totally can’t wait 🤗

Plus I got money from my parents, which I will probably use to book more crafting courses!

On Friday mark and i worked together with my friend lizzie and made my birthday cakes! Mark and i were off to London the next day to watch the filming of great British bake-off an extra slice, so this was our bake for that! The plan was to copy this scene,

making two cakes which I would carve into guinea pigs and cover with coloured fondant icing, making rosie from chocolate and cinnamon sponge as she’s so sweet, and peppa from lemon and poppy seed sponge as she can be a bit sharp with Rosie, nipping at her and stealing her food!

Then, as it was pastry week mark made two types of pastry, one normal and one mixed with mashed raspberries to try to turn it red for their food bowls. Then we added veg and egg to the plain one fit their veg bowl, and chocolate chips and egg custard in the red one for their pellets. In fairness the red didn’t really show up, not least because the egg custard leaked out of a crack and put yellow round the edge as well! But the custard treated yummy, which I was amazed at as i kind of made up the quantities of egg yolk, sugar and milk!

I was so pleased with how it all turned out, and although we didn’t make it to the baker’s tables we had a blast watching the filming, and loads of people made lovely comments and even asked to take photos of the finished cakes. Tomorrow they’ll come to school with me to be eaten in the staff room (the piggy cakes… Not the people who took photos!)

And, as usual a train journey gave me the opportunity to crochet, starting a zigzag blanket, which I then had to completely unravel as for some reason I made a complete hash of the pattern…. I’m sure I followed it but i Must have done something wrong as it just wasn’t working. So I tried another pattern this time for a ripple blanket which I also didn’t quite get right but managed to fiddle with so it looks OK at the moment…. We’ll see though!

I’m now lacking the courage to try Sophie’s world, or attempt the spirits of life CAL. I’m just not sure why I can’t follow patterns accurately even though I read them carefully and count and recount my stitches.

Cosy baby jumper

There are 3 ladies at work who are expecting babies shortly, so i have projects planned for each of them. The first one is now  completed, after the lady had gone on maternity leave but before the baby has  arrived!

It’s the ‘walk in the park hoodie’ from dedri  uys’ Boho baby crochet book. Sometimes I couldn’t make sense of the pattern, especially when decreases were required but I fudged things and I think it’s turned out OK!

I’m not really sure that the wool I used (Bernat satin) was aran weight, as it doesn’t say on the wrapper, but the wool warehouse had it listed as aran weight, and it’s  worked up nicely, though i did use a smaller hook than recommended on the pattern and a slightly larger one than suggested on the wool wrapper! It’s all about experimenting!

Here it is

I hope the baby will fit into it at some point before summer comes but the smallest pattern was for 12 months old. Otherwise they’ll have to hang onto it for a year and use it next winter, which feels a bit silly for a baby gift. Oh well, it’s done now. 😯
I was going to make another one for one of the other ladies, but now I’ve made one I don’t really  fancy repeating it again this soon (plus the whole size/age thing), so I’m going to use the wool to make a zig zag blanket instead (I think that’s a bit more boyish than ripple). That will be fun as I’ve never made one of those before, but it looks like it will be a simple repetitive pattern I don’t have to concentrate too hard on once I’ve done the first row

Quilted cushion cover

Yippee! I finally finished my quilted cushion cover. It’s been a long time coming but I’m so proud of the final result (even though when you look closely you can see a fair  amount of the stitching in places where it shouldn’t really be visible!)

Today we had our craft  session at church and I needed sue  to help show me how to fix the back onto  the quilted front.

Not at all bad for someone who thought they couldn’t sew and definitely didn’t like it!  I felt so  proud when one lady couldn’t believe I hadn’t used a sewing machine for any of it, and at the end when Sue told me she was proud of me. Thank you Sue for the opportunity to try something new that I’ve really enjoyed xxx

A clanger

This morning I realised I just needed a day at home as I totally couldn’t face seeing people. With  my depression right now most stuff feels like a real battle just to get through. This week was the first week back in school after 6 weeks of holiday, and I’ve been so tired, but not sleeping well either. Depression totally sucks 🙁. It’s meant I’ve not had energy  for doing any sort of craft during the week but this morning I got out my clanger keyring kit that Damian and lesley gave me a while back.

I cut out all the felt pieces and adapted the facial shape a bit.

Then I learnt how to do blanket stitch and worked that all the way round.

I really enjoyed adding all the parts to her, and I’m really pleased with how she’s turned out.

Hand sewing has  been relaxing and fulfilling, which is totally what I needed today!

Thank you damian and lesley, that was a lovely, and therapeutic gift 🤗

Which one? 

Hi  everyone, I’m after some more help please. A long while back I saw a picture of a corner to corner blanket made with a variegated wool from Australia. I absolutely loved it and looked to buy some of the wool. It turned out that I could only get it direct from Australia, and i resisted temptation for a while. Then I decided that although the wool was a bit more expensive than I would normally go for, it might just be worth it. But then… The bill got a bit big when I ordered 8 balls of it…. Then added on postage to the uk. But I still went for it and then guiltily told my husband, who questioned what would happen with customs… 😯… Oops… Really hadn’t even considered that expense  😳. So I now have some crazily expensive wool to make a single corner to corner blanket.

I started on it but was a bit frustrated that although the wool in the ball is quite soft, once i started crocheting with a 4mm hook it went quite hard.

After a chat with my cousin who also does crochet I wondered if a slightly bigger hook might make it feel softer. I tried with 5.5mm hook but it looked a bit odd, so then I worked with a 5mm hook instead.

So now I have two versions of the same blanket started and don’t know which to continue with. So here’s the choice :

5mm hook that is a bit softer than the smaller hook, though not as soft as I’d hope, and due to the not so close weave  might be nicer to wrap around you on a cold day

Or the 4mm one which is harder and less drapey, but i wonder if the pattern just looks better in this size.

It’s unlikely that i’ll keep the blanket, so i want to make sure i make the best choice… And especially as it was so  expensive!

What do you guys think? Am I being too picky about the pattern or does it really look better in the smaller hook?

Other updates from today… I FINALLY did the quilting on my cushion cover! Having bought a fabric pen to draw on the material I found out that it either didn’t show up on the darker fabric, or faded too quickly fit it to be of any use. So I cut out templates and pinned on paper versions to sew around.  It was tricky though and I’m sure it would have been neater if I’d been able to see a line, rather than having a slightly moving template that I had to keep lifting up to see where to put my needle.

It sort of doesn’t matter though as you can’t see the detail as much as I’d have liked, though you can see the design on some of the panels when the thread is more of a contrasting colour. I’m pleased with it though, and very glad to have got it to this stage.

Finally I’ve been colouring. I have a cool book called press out and colour birds and decided to use my sharpie markers to colour the peacock. It’s been quite relaxing, and nice to do while  watching educating cardiff on all 4.