Inktober day 11 – cruel

The first time I saw footage of the effects of plastic on sea animals I welled up in tears. I had to get control of myself as I was working in a year 1 class at the time! But I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I saw how helpless the animals were and how trusting they were that what they were trying to eat was really food. To my shame I’m finding it hard to cut down on plastic… There’s so much that I with my consumer attitude can’t control in terms of packaging… Unless I can curb my consumerist tenancies, which is way easier said than done. At least together everyone’s little changes might begin to have an impact on reducing the amount of plastic that makes its way into the sea.

Here’s my picture of cruelty for the day… It’s our cruelty in polluting the world to the extent that a turtle ends up eating a plastic bag, thinking its a jellyfish.

Based on the second photo in this article


7 thoughts on “Inktober day 11 – cruel”

    1. I hope things will change… I’m so pleased that some big organisations are changing the types of plastic they use to make them more recyclable, or getting rid of plastic. But then we need to take responsibly for not buying so much plastic and got recycling whatever we can

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