Inktober day 18 – bottle

Woohoo… My migraine has gone… And I’ve spent time not rushing my picture… And I’ve produced something I could imagine hanging on a pub wall somewhere 🤗.

The prompt was bottle, so I decided to have another go at trying to get ellipsis right. I wasn’t overly inspired by just a bottle so decided to pour some wine into a glass and draw that as well. Here are my models

And here is my drawing

And my husband has come home now to drink the wine… I’m not risking bringing the migraine back 🍷

I had fun with this one… Even though i’d never have thought of choosing this as a subject without the inktober prompt.


3 thoughts on “Inktober day 18 – bottle”

    1. Do they look wrong in the drawing? I was thinking about it and realising that I don’t see them until I really start looking, so does drawing them alter how we perceive the item by over emphasising something we wouldn’t notice in real life?


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