Inktober day 19 – scorched

I feel super proud of my drawing today and hope that you might actually recognise it from my picture as it is such an iconic photo from the battle of ypres/paschendale from the first world War.

Incase not, here is the photo I copied.

Growing up I was fascinated by the two world wars, and I was privileged to know a guy in my church who had fought in the first world War. Disappointingly, studying ww1 for gcse history made the whole thing feel very wooden and boring, focusing more on dates and facts than on experiences and events. But then mum took me to chat with Jim, who was reluctant to relive much of his experience, but who told me several stories, including about going over the top, out of the trenches. He went across no man’s land and down into the deserted German trenches the other side. Over there he broke the rules and pulled this prussian hat badge off a hat that had been left behind.

It could have been booby trapped, but he was lucky, and came home with this ‘souvenir’ of his time. Unbelievably he gave it to me, and to this day it is one of my most prized possessions.

It’s been a privilege today to draw this photo, thinking of the men who are in the picture, and all those who fought to keep our freedom.


7 thoughts on “Inktober day 19 – scorched”

  1. It brought tears to my eyes, remembering Jim – as I usually do on Remembrance Sunday, especially when leading the service at the war memorial in my tiny rural village. He told us how they would bring round an open can of oil for people to put their feet into to try to prevent trench rot from standing in water filled trenches. So, scorched or wet, war must have been awful. I’ve been glad to see all your drawings over the past few days and think that I’d be pleased with each one of them. No, they may not be perfect, but nothing usually is. What’s most important is that you have done it and continued with the challenge despite feeling under par with a migraine. It’s only by doing it that you develop your skills, and I think you’re doing well. Keep it up – only 12 more to go!!!!!


    1. Thank you so much. I think it does feel like it’s maybe getting easier. I’ve certainly not had the thought “i’ll never get that to look right” like I was getting about pictures at the start of the challenge. I think I’ve gained confidence if nothing else


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