Inktober day 4 – spell

First up… This is my favourite picture I’ve produced so far.

It was based on this photo

I went on a long train of thought for the inspiration to get from spell to a goldfinch, but essentially it links to the book ‘the lost words’ which is a book of ‘spells’ to bring lost words (like adder, bluebell and bracken) back into existence. The main illustration on the front cover is a charm of goldfinches with dandelion clocks.

I love birds, and goldfinches are among my favourites (long tailed tits will also be top for me). I enjoyed the challenge of using shading to show the different colours. If I’m being picky I’d say its break is a teeny bit too long, and he could probably be made to look a bit more 3d, but I’m happy with the end result not least because it only took me 25 minutes from start to finish.


12 thoughts on “Inktober day 4 – spell”

  1. This is a lovely drawing! And I like the way you get to it from “spell”–so glad you’ve reminded me of the “Lost Words” book by Robert McFarlane (and illustrator whose name I forget) as it’s a book I’ve been meaning to buy. An important book.


  2. That’s a lovely drawing Julia. I love it! Your cross hatching is excellent in this one.


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