A new(ish) project

I’ve finally finished the virus shawl, but I’ve not yet taken a photo of it in its finished state.

So I got the next bag out from behind my sofa, which contained the first five and a bit parts of the spirits of life shawl that I haven’t touched for over 3 years. I was scared to get going on it because I had finished 3 squares of 4, and the last time I tried to make the fourth square it all went wrong and I found it really hard to follow the pattern. But I decided to give it a go when my mum took Mr E out for his nap one afternoon.

I’ve discovered that there are really helpful videos to go with the written instructions, and so I used those and followed step by step, checking the written pattern at the same time. This worked really well, and was surprisingly stress free.

I got the central medallion part finished that afternoon and have then worked on the last few days to complete the square (which I was pleased to note was pretty much the same size as 2 of the other squares!) and join them together and then attach them to the main shawl.

I’m so pleased to have got this done as it was such a mental block to get going with it. It’s a stunning pattern and I’m really excited about using the finished shawl when I get it done.


9 thoughts on “A new(ish) project”

  1. ooh, that’s a lovely pattern. I find that returning to a half-finished project is so much more difficult than starting a new one, so it’s great that you managed to overcome your inertia with this.


  2. That’s very true. I’m hoping I keep going with it this time. There’s some mosaic crochet coming up which I enjoyed last time, so hopefully I’ll stay motivated now I’ve got going again!


  3. The end is betting closer now – well done for keepiong going with it = and I’m always glad to take Mr E out for his nap when I’m with you!


  4. Belatedly chiming in to say this is absolutely stunning! And I love the creativity ‘lesson’ shown here—we do often have a mental block about a certain step in a project. I know I do in writing. But sometimes, approaching it from a different angle, or finding help with it, can lift the block—and what a rewarding feeling afterwards!


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