Cherry blossom necklace

Hi again! I’ve just spent the last couple of hours working on turning a stone into a necklace. Initially I planned to just crochet around the edge of the stone and I used this tutorial to get going. I didn’t follow it exactly, partly because I didn’t realise initially that it was US terms not UK, so, ended up double crocheting instead of treble, and partly because my stone was so much smaller than hers.

But once i’d worked around the edge I was wondering if the stone might ever wiggle out of it. So, I continued with her idea for a tree with winter berries, but modified it to a tree with cherry blossom.

Then I just added a mixed pink chained thread to tie it on as a necklace (I’ve used embroidery thread for the whole thing) and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out.

This is an idea I’ve had for a while, and I’m sure I’ll explore it more with a few attempts at different designs.


A llama and a shawl

This evening, while watching poldark I quickly made up this cute little felt llama. My sister is feeding rather under the weather, with labyrinthitis and 3 children to home school, so I wanted to make something for her so she at least has some happy mail.

It’s from a kit by the make arcade and its quick and easy to do. I Like that you get templates, so if you like a design you can just get more felt and make another one! I hope she likes it!

Over the last week or so I’ve also been working on this windmill shawl, which is now quite a repetitive pattern of 2 alternating rows. I’m not sure what I think of patterns where the rows get progressively longer though… It feels a bit disheartening.

A non-naked armadillo!

Over the course of yesterday evening and tonight I’ve got the armadillo finished. Unfortunately I misunderstood the instructions for measuring if the shell was big enough so I ended up adding a few stitches unnecessarily, which means it’s not really tight enough to hold him in when he’s rolled into a ball, but other than that I think he’s turned out pretty well.

I’ve really enjoyed making him and have had lots of little moments where I’ve admired the clever creativity of the designer luna in the ways she’s captured different aspects of the armadillo, like the ears and the shell.

I’ll definitely be making some more of these little cutie-pies!

Armadillo in progress

This evening I’ve started on a quite quick project using a free Ravelry pattern for this super cute roll up armadillo

This evening I have made a body, head, dinky little ears and a tail (which was quite fiddly). Hopefully tomorrow he will be finished with 4 legs and a shell he can roll into, but for tonight he is naked!

Excuse the poor photos but I thought you’d like to see him anyway!

No longer a giraffe…

This afternoon we’ve had a lovely bbq in a sunny garden. Initially my friend and her daughter were really pleased with the giraffe. But then I said that one of my blog readers thought it looked like puff the magic dragon would, and suddenly I was faced with the need to come up with a pair of wings!

So, after food I started. The first wing went pretty well, but given that I was experimenting as I went along I wasn’t convinced I’d be able to reproduce it to make a matching one! I played around with picot edgings and slip stitches until I was happy with the wavy edge.

Then the second wing went well until I realised I’d made it one row too long! But we decided that makes him quirky!

So here he is…. Inspecting the flowers in the garden!


I’m off to see my friend Katie tomorrow for her second crochet lesson, so today I got on and crocheted the giraffe from a kit she’d been gifted. She’d asked if I would make it for her.

It was a lovely project that I got done this afternoon and evening. My only real problem with it is how big the holes in the top of his head are where I’ve had to crochet stitches together. I think I probably had similar problems when I tried to make a preemie octopus. I guess I need to work on that a bit if I want to make more things like this as he does look a bit funny with Stuffing poking through the top of his head!

Plus, I never meant to sew his nose on wonky, but I think it’s cute and gives him character 😉

A bit of crochet

So I’ve not posted about my crochet for a while… But I HAVE been doing some! Last weekend I caught up quite a lot with the seaside stash buster blanket and created a lot of ends!

Also a friend of mine and her daughter wanted to learn how to crochet as they’d been given a couple of crochet kits as presents but didn’t know how to crochet. So they came for lunch and the lesson started. E (aged 7) got the chain sussed, but found the next stage too much for the same afternoon. K (her mum) persevered and found a way to hold the wool and wrap yarn and manipulate it all, which was fab. I was really proud of her persevering and her final piece of crochet.

This weekend I kept going with the stashbuster, and yesterday and today I got all the rest of the ends sewn in.

Look no ends!

I particularly liked learning the basket weave stitch, which I’d never done before. Though I did have to play yarn chicken with the green yarn… Lost the first game, so unravelled the incomplete fourth row and re crocheted it with a smaller hook, which got me to 4 sections from the end 🙄. So third game I frogged 2 rows and recrocheted them both. That was the game I won!

Earlier I really enjoyed making the mint choc chip ice cream rows in granny stitch.

I’m feeling rather pleased with myself right now, and hoping I don’t get so far behind again!