A viking dress!

Hey there everyone. Sorry its been such an age. First I couldn’t craft because of our trip that involved travelling through the South of Sweden, over into Copenhagen, Denmark and then to Edinburgh. Travelling with hand luggage only rather prohibited me from taking any projects. I really missed crafting while I was away, but then found it hard to get back into it when I got home. I finally had to dust off sissy (my sewing machine) and get to work transforming an old brown curtain into a viking lady’s apron dress for a dress up day in school! I’m pleased with how it turned out, apart from not thinking through how flappy the top corners would be (not that that shows in this photo!)

While working on the ties I accidentally misjudged how many I would need, and made 4 and thought I was done! I actually needed 8,so I wondered if it would be quicker to make button holes on the front to thread the ties through and tie them back on themselves. After a bit of fiddling…. And then reading the sewing machine manual (!) I figured out how to make button holes! I decided against them in the end, but I’m glad I now know how to do them. It was kind of fun just putting my foot on the pedal and just watching the sewing machine figure out what to do!

Plus, I’ve now got out my crochet hooks and have started making an autumnal toadstool, thanks to sonspopkes. Its a simple pattern to follow and I got this far in an hour.


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