A llama and a shawl

This evening, while watching poldark I quickly made up this cute little felt llama. My sister is feeding rather under the weather, with labyrinthitis and 3 children to home school, so I wanted to make something for her so she at least has some happy mail.

It’s from a kit by the make arcade and its quick and easy to do. I Like that you get templates, so if you like a design you can just get more felt and make another one! I hope she likes it!

Over the last week or so I’ve also been working on this windmill shawl, which is now quite a repetitive pattern of 2 alternating rows. I’m not sure what I think of patterns where the rows get progressively longer though… It feels a bit disheartening.


20 thoughts on “A llama and a shawl”

    1. Thank you. Originally the design had it wearing pyjamas, which I didn’t like. The necklace was part of the pyjamas, but at the end I thought I would add just that part to add some colour, and I’m glad I did!


  1. I love this Llama it’s so cute! and I agree with you on shawls that get bigger and bigger, I almost alway lose interest and they end up much smaller than intended 😅 The way I normally counter that is if I have a set amount of yarn I’m using, then I know I can stop when the skein is finished and it helps to keep me motivated.


    1. This is just a one skein shawl… But the skein suddenly seems awfully big! The annoying thing is I quite like to finish a row. I need to change my approach so I am happy with stopping à crochet session part way through a row… Then it might grow a bit quicker! Thank you for your lovely comment about the llama

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      1. Your skein must be huge though! Are you using a clasp stitch marker? It might make it easier to stop mid-row if you know your work doesn’t risk to unravel.


      2. I guess it’s pretty big! It’s certainly big enough to make a shawl from. I do use clap stitch markers, which were a revelation when I discovered them! I think my issue is that I like things to feel completed… Silly really!

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  2. I love the llama eyelashes, what a sweet little face! I bet it made your sister smile 🙂 I usually hate patterns like that, when it eventually feels like every row takes forever *yawn*. I didn’t get that with my virus shawl though so maybe it depends on the pattern


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