Armadillo in progress

This evening I’ve started on a quite quick project using a free Ravelry pattern for this super cute roll up armadillo

This evening I have made a body, head, dinky little ears and a tail (which was quite fiddly). Hopefully tomorrow he will be finished with 4 legs and a shell he can roll into, but for tonight he is naked!

Excuse the poor photos but I thought you’d like to see him anyway!



I’m off to see my friend Katie tomorrow for her second crochet lesson, so today I got on and crocheted the giraffe from a kit she’d been gifted. She’d asked if I would make it for her.

It was a lovely project that I got done this afternoon and evening. My only real problem with it is how big the holes in the top of his head are where I’ve had to crochet stitches together. I think I probably had similar problems when I tried to make a preemie octopus. I guess I need to work on that a bit if I want to make more things like this as he does look a bit funny with Stuffing poking through the top of his head!

Plus, I never meant to sew his nose on wonky, but I think it’s cute and gives him character 😉