A non-naked armadillo!

Over the course of yesterday evening and tonight I’ve got the armadillo finished. Unfortunately I misunderstood the instructions for measuring if the shell was big enough so I ended up adding a few stitches unnecessarily, which means it’s not really tight enough to hold him in when he’s rolled into a ball, but other than that I think he’s turned out pretty well.

I’ve really enjoyed making him and have had lots of little moments where I’ve admired the clever creativity of the designer luna in the ways she’s captured different aspects of the armadillo, like the ears and the shell.

I’ll definitely be making some more of these little cutie-pies!


Armadillo in progress

This evening I’ve started on a quite quick project using a free Ravelry pattern for this super cute roll up armadillo

This evening I have made a body, head, dinky little ears and a tail (which was quite fiddly). Hopefully tomorrow he will be finished with 4 legs and a shell he can roll into, but for tonight he is naked!

Excuse the poor photos but I thought you’d like to see him anyway!