A bag and a skirt

I’ve got my goddaughter staying with me and we’ve had a really chilled day today. While we were watching wild child I started working on a masa bag with a really chunky Peruvian alpaca wool that is just gorgeous to work with. This is how far I got during the film

I’ve got to add more to the width as it needs to be 1:3 ratio. My plan is to then sew it into the right shape and then try felting it, but I’m not sure if it might be a bit too ‘open’ to felt as I’ve ended up using a slightly bigger hook than I’m supposed to as I didn’t have the right size at home!

Anyone got any ideas on whether it will felt and the best method of going about that? If it won’t felt then I’ll just have to have another go at lining a bag!! 😂

Then I made my sister’s second birthday skirt. She decided she would like a skirt in the mouse material even though she likes wearing blue as this will be a nice autumnal colour. Isn’t it super cute?

I was thrilled on the waistband that I was able to join two pieces together and almost completely perfectly pattern match them!

I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out… It’s getting easier to hem the curves each time I make another one (this is my third skirt so far), and I’m sure I’m generally getting quicker at it.

I still love doing my double stitching with the variegated thread too!

Only I forgot which way was up when I was sewing the waistband on so the inside ended up with the variegated thread and the outside got plain burgundy. It still looks cool though… Just maybe not quite as cool as I’d have liked (not that anyone is ever going to look that closely at the stitching!)