Blast from the past

Today, for the first time in ages, I was actually able to make it to the craft morning at my church. I’ve really missed hanging out with these ladies and it was fab to be back. I debated for ages about which project to take with me, but finally decided that I really ought to do something about trying to finish off my spirits of life wrap. I know… It’s been forever… And I’d stopped somewhere in the middle of a C2c section so I couldn’t even decide to call it quits and turn it into a cushion cover or something.

So the first half hour of the session was spent getting the tablet to work so I could see the pattern. Then trying to find where in the pattern it told me which size hook to use… Before then discovering the hook in the bottom of the project bag it was stored in!

But then I sped off making progress! It really helped that I’d worked recently on my c2c blanket as the technique was familiar to me. Plus I didn’t need to follow the pattern too much as I just lined the new column of blocks up with the ones underneath in the previous section.

Here’s where it started today

Where it got to by early afternoon

What I’ve added to it this evening while watching TV.

The other lovely thing is that one of the ladies put it round my shoulders to see what it would look like as I was worried it was too narrow due to my tension and would end up too long to be a useful shawl. When she did that (why had I not thought to try it myself??) I realised it was going to be perfect, and would look just gorgeous, so now I actually have motivation to finish it so I can wear it 😊.

We’ll see how quickly it progresses now!

P. S. Sorry about the blurry photos… My phone seems to be getting less and less reliable with the quality of photos


A mix of things

Hey there. This morning I had no crochet projects on the go and this afternoon  I’ve completed one and started a new one! I went into town to buy wool for a new project that was inspired by craft and other crazy plans. Ok, so not exactly inspired by… I’m shamelessly copying her… Including the colour of wool. Well, I was inspired by her post saying that she had tried the pattern at one stage and it was too hard and then she came back to it and could do it. It linked with my experiences of persevering with my last prayer shawl, and i thought the slippers were beautiful. So I bought the pattern from Ravelry and went to buy wool and ask for help from Diane at miju wools. She wasn’t there when I got there but sue s with a group of ladies at a knit and natter group. I joined them and started work on a corner to corner crochet pattern  that was shown to me by my friend Lynn who taught me to crochet. 
I used a funky wool to work on this with the idea of making a dishcloth. It’s ended up a bit wobbly, which is fine for a dishcloth! It took a bit of working out but was really easy once I got the hang of it. 

In the meantime Diane came back and showed me how to crochet round the post. This seems easy enough (though i may regret saying  that when I get to the bit of the pattern that requires it!) so I bought wool to start the project. I found some variegated wool in pretty much the same colours as craft and other crazy plans had used, which made me very excited. And I got started after crossing out all the American terms on the pattern and replacing them with the British equivalents! 

And I found a gorgeous chunky wooden button that I’m going to send to my friend along with the prayer shawl I finished the other day so she can use it to attach the scarf /shawl round her neck more easily. 

It doesn’t need a button hole,it just slots through one of the holes in the pattern. 

And then my final bit of craft for the day (or really just an update on a previous one) was framing the picture I made yesterday with a frame I found in WH Smith. I’m so pleased with it, it’s completed the picture in a way I didn’t expect.