Back with some crochet

Well, I’m back after rather a long break where I’ve been creative in a different way by being pregnant and bringing into being a new little boy. He’s absolutely gorgeous and we’re thrilled with him! He’s now nearly 4 months old and having been too tired while pregnant to motivate myself to craft much, and having my hands too full the first few months to pick anything else up I’ve got to a stage at the moment where Mr E will go to sleep in his moses basket for half hour naps, and I can do a couple of rows of crochet.

I started with the idea of doing a C2C dishcloth but I think I either followed the instructions wrong or they were written a bit wrong as this was clearly never going to end up as a square!

Then I remembered my seaside stash buster blanket that eleonora from coastal crochet was running probably well over a year ago. I wondered if it would be big enough to just put a border round where i’d got to and use it as a baby blanket, but when I got it out it wasn’t really big enough. So I got to searching on her blog and discovered she’s helpfully put all the instructions in one place so they’re easy to find without having to trawl through her previous posts. I figured out where I was and just carried on. It’s funny because I found the long waves really hard to keep track of last time but I just got on with them and they worked!

I’ve discovered that I started off being able to do one row during one nap, but I’ve got closer to 2 rows now! It’s really lovely being able to pick it up again, and also with there only being 4 rows in each week’s instructions I can feel like I’m making progress quite quickly. This is where I’ve got to so far in 2 days (having previously completed the row of turquoise waves)

One ‘fun’ moment was when I realised that I was getting near the end of my green wool (it’s a stash buster blanket so I’m using up old bits of leftover wool). A game of yarn chicken ensued, which I’m pleased to say I won… How’s this for precision… Just enough of an end left to weave in!

And talking of ends… How glad am I that at some point in the past I wove in all the ends on this blanket as far as I’d got? It’s so lovely that I won’t have to do all of them once I finish. My plan now is actually to keep going and make the full size blanket. It will probably be slow progress and I may not blog every time I’ve done a bit but I’ll try to keep going now I’ve started.

20 thoughts on “Back with some crochet”

  1. Hurrah! I’m thrilled that at last you have some time and energy to get back to something like this. I’m sure you’ll enjoy doing it and get a great deal from continuing where you left off on this lovely blanket. One day you will look back at the finished things and be glad you picked it up again and persevered. That green wool was amazing – just right for the job!


  2. Welcome back Julia! I have missed your blog posts! And wow congratulations on the arrival of Mr E, what fabulous news. The stashbusting blanket is still my favourite make and yours looks great! Enjoy your crocheting time between naps x


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