Patchworking part 2

Well I managed to join my rows of patchwork together this morning. I followed Sue’s advice to try to fold seams to the darker patch, but once I’d done the first row, that rather dictated the rest of them. Most of them worked out though.

I wasn’t entirely accurate in matching the seams in the top two rows

but I improved dramatically after that, and I’m not sure it really notices in the grand scheme of things.

I did manage not to notice that one edge got caught the wrong way, but I didn’t want to undo the whole row to remedy it, so have just pressed it flat!

I’ve had a look through my fabric stash and found a cute rabbit material that is big enough for the back. I think the colours kind of match, but figure it won’t matter too much as you’ll never see both sides at the same time!

I also found a pale blue flowery material that I could use for the border. It is maybe more patterned than I’d hoped, but then I don’t have much unpatterned fabric as I’m always drawn to cute prints! I think the colour works though and the pattern doesn’t detract too much from the patchwork. I’ll not be working on it again before Saturday though so you have time to let me know if I’m making a big mistake and should just go out and buy a plain blue fabric!

12 thoughts on “Patchworking part 2”

  1. I’m not a quilter, but I think the blue fabric looks lovely as the print is quite small so it doesn’t detract from the rest. I’m impressd with how neat your square sewing is!


    1. Thank you… I have a naughty habit of just buying fabrics I think are pretty – without any project in mind. Usually they’re just fat quarters, so I have no idea why I got such a large piece!


  2. So glad to see those impulse buy fabrics I gave you coming together so well to create this patchwork. I, too, think the fabric for the border works well and the backing material is very cute and works nicely as the other side. Glad you’ve having some time to enjoy doing this during the summer. Also, I’m so looking forward to being with you on Monday and seeing it all for myself.


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