Yarn chicken 1 – Julia 1

I’ve been making slow but steady progress with the stash buster blanket and really enjoying having a project on the go. It’s a nice project for little bits of time.

I carried on with the v stitches and my plan was to repeat the turquoise and pink but then a game of yarn chicken ensued with the pink. I had forgotten the funny thing of crocheting faster as the yarn is running out, in the hope of getting to the end of the row quicker. But no matter how fast I crocheted the yarn still won… Dramatically! So now we’re drawing after I won with the green yarn!

Oh well, I found a navy yarn which I actually preferred!

Having completed the v’s it was time for some shells. I decided I wanted to use colours that reminded me of a fire. Annoyingly now I’ve added the brown it means the navy of the v’s doesn’t show up so well. But I quite like the effect otherwise.

The bright orange of the top row is a cotton that is quite horrid to crochet with as it unravels and splits very easily, but I thought the colours were perfect for flames. It’s actually the cotton I was using for the failed C2C dishcloth of the last post, which I frogged and used here. There is still some yarn left so maybe I’ll give the dishcloth a go at some other point.

And not only have I been crocheting, but I was very disciplined and created this happy little pile of ends… The result of weaving in the 22 ends I had up to this point. Its definitely more manageable weaving in about that many. Hopefully I can remain disciplined enough to keep going with that as the blanket grows.

It’s been lovely to get back to crochet and even more lovely to get back to blogging and reconnecting with people after such a long time away. Thank you for your lovely comments and for not having given up on following me. 😊


10 thoughts on “Yarn chicken 1 – Julia 1”

  1. wow, you’ve done so much and it’s looking fantastic. I’m so glad that you’ve got something constructive and creative to be getting on with alongside your rather different constructive and creative times of nursery rhymes (in French no less), blowing raspberries and changing nappies for Mr E! If you want a few other colours I’ve got quite a stash of part used wool that I doubt I’ll use – remind me and I can show you what I’ve got and post you some if you like.


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