Stash busting progress

Well I got a bit behind with this, what with spending a weekend at the crochet sanctuary, but I’m all caught up now!

I loved making the waves in different shades of blue, and although the variegated yarn I used for the top wave was less blue than I thought, I loved the stormy effect the greys in it had on the overall pattern. The variegated yarn didn’t look good when used as the final double crochet on top of the wave, so I went with cream instead, intending it to be like the foam on a broken wave.

Then it came to adding the granny stitches. I couldn’t be bothered to get up to change yarn last night, so that took care of the first row in cream! But I’d decided I wanted to use colours inspired by gannets. I love watching them diving into the sea, and I love the possibility that when you see a load of them all together out at sea you know there’s a possibility of seeing dolphins or porpoise too.

So, I picked a dark brown as I really didn’t want black in my blanket, but gannets have black tips to their wings. Then I chose grey, and finally I used the mustard colour from my puff stitch beanie to represent the beaks.

They’re not necessarily colours I would naturally have chosen to go in the blanket but I’m really glad I’ve used them and think they’ll work in the overall thing.

Thank you to eleonora for guiding us in this CAL. I’m loving seeing something big progressing, and for me it will be a memory blanket with links to other projects and people when I use different yarns. I’m beginning to think I need to write a list of the yarny links as I’ll forget sometime in the future!


18 thoughts on “Stash busting progress”

  1. Very clever. Loved the waves and gannets. Love the fact it brings up memories. Do write them down as you will forget if I am anything to go by. Love Sue


  2. Love the colours and new patterns. The sea is always a great source of inspiration as it has so many moods and is the home a myriad of creatures. Great to have a theme.


    1. Thank you. It’s a really fun CAL. You’ve got a while till you see it finished though. We’re only doing 4 rows a week, so I think we’re aiming for September… Which is cool as it will then be a birthday present for me!!


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