First finish off from the weekend

Well, I know I only had the edging to do in my beanie but I finished it off this evening. It’s quite big and the room is stretchy so I can even wear it over a side ponytail!

I know I look a bit like Compo from last of the summer wine in the last photo, but I’m still tempted to keep this hat for myself, even though I don’t really need it. Mainly because I quite like it but also because I don’t know anyone else who would wear it!

Today I came home to a gorgeous parcel from Kat (the artists child) in Australia. I’d had a really emotional day, battling negative thoughts, not winning and then crying lots in work… Never a good thing πŸ™„. I was exhausted, and coming home to Γ  box of goodies was a real bright spot on my day.

Kat had won one of the prizes in my last giveaway and wanted to share some craft things with me. She included :

Some gorgeous buttons, including some vintage ones

Some beautiful lace from the 60s,which she got while working on a TV commercial

And two pretty bird pictures that I can use for card making.

And she wrote me a lovely note in a pretty card

It’s made me feel really special to be sent such lovely gifts. I hope I might be able to use the lace when I eventually get round to making my panel skirt. I think they would look quite cool in diagonals across some of the panels. But I might need to think of a better way to really show off the delicate white lace. Thank you so much kat for sending me such beautiful things.

And finally, having seen how cool eleonora looked on the crochet sanctuary, in her scarf, I wondered if I should try the same with my butterfly shawl. Here’s the first attempt, which I think looks a bit odd… Rather like I’m wearing a bib.

But I think this looks better once i’d folded over the top… It has a bit more drape to it like this.

I’m not really convinced though. What do you think?


41 thoughts on “First finish off from the weekend”

      1. OK… I’ll put some effort in! I have this evening and tomorrow evening with no plans apart from catching up with first dates hotel, and having a bath. Think it might require more than two evenings but at least that’s a start!

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  1. Hello Beautiful, I am sorry to hear you were having a bit of a rough spot. I am so happy to hear you received a ray of sunshine on your gloomy day. I hope you are having better days. You look beautiful in your lovely scarf and your beanie is too cute. Take care and keep your head up. XXX


    1. Thank you so much. I think things are looking up a bit now. My friend has previously suggested that it might be helpful to view my depression a bit like waves. Some waves are bigger than others (some could be tsunami sized) but every single wave will retreat. I tried to remember this through last week and I think it helped.


  2. I’m glad you liked my gifts and that they made you feel better. I have not been online for a few days so it’s lovely to see your beautiful crocheted creations. Keep doing what you are doing and have fun.


  3. Hello, so lovely to see who I have been chatting to πŸ™‚

    The hat really suits you and I love the colour combination. The shawl looks fab too. I have no idea how a shawl is to be worn but it looks lovely either way. Sorry to read that you were having a difficult, emotional day. I have many family members struggle with depression and I myself have awful anxiety. Some days are totally pants but so sweet for someone to send you a box of goodies for the very day you needed it.


    1. Hi! Thank you for your lovely comments. My hat and shawl are both getting more wear than I expected, so I’m glad I kept them both for me!
      Depression and anxiety, and low self esteem are hard to handle… Not least in the way they jump out and consume you at the most unexpected moments. Every time I feel like I’m making progress something happens to knock that, which is tiring, draining and frustrating. But, at least I do keep making progress. I hope you can find ways to keep your anxiety at bay. Have you read the sarah rayner book making friends with anxiety?

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      1. Thank you. No I haven’t heard of that book – I’ll check amazon in a minute. I spend most of my awake time anxious over things and then when it’s particularly bad I dream about the things that really bother me at night. It is exhausting and currently has me avoiding things that I want to do but can’t face for various reasons. My Dr told me to treat myself using the internet……. I haven’t been back since but crafting distracts me and I recently started doing yoga which I’m surprised to say I love.


      2. Oh gosh… That doesn’t sound like the most sympathetic response. I’m glad yoga and crafting help a bit. It’s horrid when your anxieties enter your dreams too. Sometimes I’ve found it helpful to write down my worries before I go to bed… That way they somehow seem to come out in a logical order rather than repeating themselves over and over in my head, and somehow writing them down gets them out. I hope you find other helpful things in dealing with your anxiety… It’s horrid how it can take over in a moment


      3. Thank you. Its a good time write worries down before bed. Like you say if they are on paper I shouldn’t have to have go round and round in my head. I hope you continue to cope with your anxiety and depression and find new ways of dealing with it. Hxx


    1. Thank you. The hat has been very handy for keeping my ears warm while not putting pressure on them during this ear infection. I’ve not gone out much though so the scarf is just decorating the back of a chair at the moment!

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