Crochet socks

Yay! I’ve finished off my first ever pair of crochet socks. I made the first one at the crochet sanctuary, and then I made the second one last night and tonight. They’re not exactly the same… The heels have turned out different from each other, but i don’t think it matters. They both fit and they are warm and cosy and comfy. I deliberately made one purple with pink stripes and the other pink with purple stripes, as I didn’t think I’d have enough purple wool to make them both the same. Now I have a reasonable amount of each that I can use in my stash buster blanket.

Anyway… Without further ado… Here they are!


23 thoughts on “Crochet socks”

  1. Your socks are fun and look really warm. Have been watching all the scenes of snow in the UK and Ireland on the news. The socks will be great to cuddle up in. I hope the weather improves where you are soon.


  2. looking great! I think they are probably great to wear around the house but have you tried to put them in shoes? how do they feel? I’m just a bit hesitant to try crocheting socks after my crochet sock fail earlier this year


    1. Thank you hannah. I did wonder initially if I should have chosen colours that were a bit different, but I’m I went with my initial thought. I had other opportunities in the weekend to choose different colours from the norm


    1. They’re really lovely, and I enjoy wearing them under my boots… Especially if I’m going to someone’s house, then I’ve already got my slippers on! I had thought they might feel holey or draughty, but maybe it’s the soft fluffiness of the alpaca blend yarn, but they really are cosy and lovely. At the moment they’re the only socks I’ve made, so I’m not sure what other patterns or other yarns would be like… I plan on finding out sometime though! Let us know if you make some… We can hunt for the perfect crochet sock pattern/yarn!!


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