Pattern testing

Hey there. I’ve not done so much creative stuff recently but my current project involves testing a pattern for another blogger katie, I’ve never done anything like this before but I’m enjoying the challenge. I didn’t enjoy crocheting some of it on a packed train last weekend during the crazy heat in the UK… Especially when the air con was broken! It’s been a bit more relaxing this evening now it’s  not so hot, and i was incredibly proud of myself as I crocheted while we were watching the next episode of a very cool french series called the bureau. I actually understood loads without having to read the subtitles. I had to be on  the ball though to recognise when they were speaking arabic as I can’t understand any of that apart from basic greetings, thank you and for some reason the word for tomorrow!!

I’m using the lovely caron cakes blueberry kiwi… I was so excited to have an excuse to buy these, and even more excited to find they were on special offer, so i have some others for another project!

Here are some photos of my progress so far:

With a cold can of possibly the loveliest drink in the world (though Brazilian guaranà is right up there too)


Looking a bit wonky, but it’s evened up now


Progress made by the end of this evening

5 thoughts on “Pattern testing”

  1. It’s coming along nicely!! I can’t wait to see it in the Caron Cakes. This is such a lovely pattern and it’s exciting to see the progress of the pattern testing! 😀


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