It grew! 

This evening while babysitting for our nephews I thought I’d do a couple of rows  on my spring fields baby blanket, and then I got caught up in it and suddenly it had grown loads! 

At the end of this evening
Where I’d got to yesterday

I like reflecting on the growth of the blanket and the growth of the baby I’m crocheting it for, and have a much stronger sense of that with this blanket than with others because while crocheting I am making the flowers grow taller and sprout leaves. 

Stalk with first set of leaves

I feel quite proud of myself as I’m doing stitches and techniques I’ve never done before, while following a pattern written in American terms. Mainly its ok as  there are really useful descriptions of what to do for each stitch, but i realise I did one row wrong as I forgot to translate double crochet up to treble crochet. It made my row a bit wobbly (see the picture above of where I’d got to yesterday)  but I sorted it with some stitches with  less  tension on the next row! I realise things also went rather wrong somewhere in the first couple of rows, making the stalk a bit wonky and the edge very uneven, but I think I’ve sorted that now, and have the right number of stitches between each flower stalk, so i hope it will be ok from now on. By the time I realised I’d made these mistakes I’d gone too far to consider frogging. Crochet is helping me to learn to live with and accept my mistakes instead of trying to make them disappear. I’m beginning to accept that things that are less than perfect are still acceptable and often even still really good. Hopefully I can begin to transfer this acceptance from crochet into my life a bit more. 

Wobbly edge!!

Who knew that crochet could have such an influence on personal and spiritual development?! 


6 thoughts on “It grew! ”

  1. It’s wonderful to see it growing! Now that you have the first leaves down, you’ll be sorted 🙂 Honestly, I think I make at least one “mistake” in each thing I create. But it’s what makes each piece unique, and differentiates it from something mass-produced. Any way, your wobbly end will be unnoticeable once you’ve done the border and it’s blocked. It’s lovely to read that the flowers are growing along with the baby you’re making it for. That’s such a lovely thought 🙂


  2. I love the way the flowers are growing! I have that same feeling with everything I make. It always amazes me the way that from thin air you can create such beautiful things with yarn. It really is magical. I always have mistakes and mis-stitches in just about every project I do too. I think of it like a reminder that nothing is perfect so I should view everything as a whole and not look at the little flaws. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. My ongoing problem has been that whilst I knew in my head that nothing could be perfect I always wanted it to be and strived for it to be. Whether that was what I was doing in my job, who I was, how I acted, a new sport/activity I tried, any craft. As would be expected, my non perfect results meant that I was constantly disappointed in myself (for some reason I didn’t expect everyone else to be perfect and could easily cut them some slack!). I’m loving how I am able to resist the urge to frog, and am becoming more accepting in crochet when things aren’t quite perfect. I’m beginning to try to accept that what I easily see as flaws are on fact what make things /me unique

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      1. I firmly believe crochet is magic! My whole perspective on things has changed a lot since I went from occasionally making a blanket or hat to crocheting every day and always looking for more challenging and more beautiful projects. I was exactly the same way you described you were. Now instead of beating myself up I try to hug myself more. 🙂

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