Short WIP

Here’s my next quickish project in crochet. I bought one ball of lovely wool, without any idea of what I’d do with it. Yesterday evening I decided to make a C2c baby blanket, but now discover there’s not enough wool  to make it big enough.


So I plan to finish the square and then visit my lovely wool shop to find a wool that i can crochet a thick border with, and just hope it doesn’t look too weird.


However, I am pleased that the corners where I have started decreasing actually look like right angles which I don’t think they did really on my washcloth… That all felt a bit wonky.


4 thoughts on “Short WIP”

  1. Thank you. I’m hoping that adding a border won’t take away from the patterns in the square, as I think the border will need to be rather wide… The square itself will be 16×16 inches


  2. Love that yarn! I think it will look fabulous with a nice thick border – it’s going to give the blanket a lot of personality and charm!! 😀


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