Get well card

After paper cutting i made a card to send to a friend of ours who had a hip replacement yesterday. His wife is coming for dinner before going to visit him this evening so I wanted to get it done before then. 

It’s an idea I had for making easter cards but although I had all the stuff I needed I didn’t get round to making them for easter. Ernie is a Christian, and i thought he might appreciate one to brighten up his stay in hospital. 
The idea behind the design is one of God’s love and power shining through even the darkest of times. I hoped the colours would look really vibrant on the black background. 

To start with I cut out a cross shape from an old envelope and blutacked it in place (you can do this with any shape you want though). With hindsight I would just put a small blob of blutac in the middle. Having put it round the edges of the cross i then ended up pressing hard on it and it had a tendency to rip  the card when I took it off later. 

Then I got out my gel Pastels, only to discover they didn’t smudge as i needed them to, so i swapped to oil Pastels. I worked round colouring on the edge of the template then smudging it off with my finger. 

I added more colour and some white to try to highlight it a bit, and then removed the envelope cross. Finally I sprayed it with colour fixative so it doesn’t smudge when it’s touched (apparently hairspray works well for this too) and I’ll write in it later! 


7 thoughts on “Get well card”

  1. How lovely to see what you did with it. As a coincidence, I discovered the idea on-line a couple of weeks ago and have got it saved ready for doing one day in an all-age service!


    1. It’s a very cool craft to do. You just have to make sure people (especially younger children) understand they need to draw on the template and smudge it off, not draw round it like a stencil, or draw lines coming off the template into the paper


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