Needle felted badger

Well I started this badger ages ago, and had got as far as making the basic body shape and the head shape. Last night I had fun adding stripes, nose, ears and eyes; connecting the head to the body; making and adding legs; and making the tail and covering him with a loose layer of wool.

Overall I’m really pleased with how he’s turned out, although his legs aren’t as sturdy as i’d like them to be. But seeing as he won’t be played with I think they’ll be fine. I could have felted them more but then they’d have been really thin and I’d have had to add more wool.


Needle felting

This morning I went to gloucestershire arts and crafts centre for a needle felting course run by Sue Smith of serisilks. When we arrived there were two needle felted animals on the table.

We all decided we wanted to make a hedgehog, so we got to work.

Sue showed us how to make a wire frame using some prefelted wire and a pipe cleaner.

Then we gradually built up layers of merino wool to create a core.

Once we were happy with the shape we covered the core with a layer of wool from a bat,

and then we added the detail of the eyes, nose and mouth.

It was fun to see the hedgehogs taking on a bit of character at this point.

Once I started adding his prickles we realised he looked quite good in normal hedgehog pose, rather than sitting up which was what I’d been going for originally.

The final stage was adding feet, and he was ready to come out and pose by the cathedral.

It was so lovely to start and finish a project in one session, and I’m hoping it’s given me enough confidence to complete the needle felt badger I started ages ago and never finished!

Thank you sue for your help. It was a really fun morning.

Shoreline purse

At Christmas my lovely friend Frances (libertasamericanaart) sent me a gorgeous handmade travel journal and a stunning crochet project. It uses Darn Good Yarn sport weight silk yarn, which is lovely to work with and smooth and soft, and just is the most amazing colour.

It came with a pattern to make a bobble stitch purse, which I have finally made a start on. I don’t always like the look of bobble stitch but these are so dinky and cute and I love the effect of them and the way the colours work through them.

I have so many unfinished projects in different bags at the moment, and no motivation to work through them. I’m really hoping this one doesn’t join them. It comes out when I’m watching trashy TV that doesn’t need my full attention… So we’ll see how quickly it grows!!

Camera pouch (hopefully)

Hey there everyone and happy new year to you all. I’ve missed being here but I’ve just not been at all motivated to craft much, so I’ve therefore had nothing to blog about. But today I got on with making my nephew’s Christmas present as we’re celebrating Christmas with them next weekend as we weren’t able to meet up on the holidays.

Anyway, my parents bought him a camera (which he’s already received) and my mum suggested I make him a pouch to keep it in. I wanted to make it padded, so I was able to have a go at using my free quilting foot for the first time.

I followed the instructions on this spoonflower blog, but adapted the sizing according to my mum’s measurements. Unfortunately now it’s done I don’t think it’s quite big enough. But now I’m going to wait and see and then if it’s too small I’ll make another one. The second attempt always goes better! Annoyingly, though, I don’t have enough of the dragon fabric to make a second one, and I think he’ll really like that fabric.

On the positive side :

  • My quilting looks ok
  • The pouch holds together!
  • I’m really pleased with how it looks
  • It’ll be useful for something else even if it doesn’t fit the camera!
  • I’ve got pretty good at changing the feet on my sewing machine, even when it involves changing the foot fixing part as well
  • I got to listen to cosmo sheldrake (one of my sewing albums!) for the first time in ages!

I’ll let you know if I end up making a bigger one! And I’ll hopefully get onto more crafting and you’ll see me here a bit more often 😉

A cute embroidery

After inktober I seem to have lost my crafting energy. I’ve got more caught up in TV and books. But this week I’ve been embroidering a cute little mermaid, designed by tamar nahir yanai. I bought it to make for a little girl who is turning 7 this month. I was drawn by the fact that it would encourage me to learn new stitch techniques as it included the cast on stitch and the woven spider Web stitch, which is never done before. Having done these I’m really pleased with the different texture these give the finished piece.

I loved how the colours worked together. I wish I’d taken photos as I went along as the turquoise was the last colour I worked with and that made the whole design really pop.

I’ve enjoyed having a little project that taught me new things but that I could do whilst watching rubbishy TV!

Rather unsuccessful morning

At our craft session in church this morning my plan was to crochet the fourth square for my spirits of life shawl, and possibly begin to join them together. Instead here’s what I ended up with

Two hours of crochet, frog,crochet, exasperated sigh, frog again and I had little to show for it. Having finally got the central part of the square done and then looking at the pattern for adding the corners I realised I’d been working from the wrong document and have done the pattern for the original 4 squares, not the ones I was meant to be doing. Can you spot the difference?

So, now I have to start over with this particular square and just hope that this mistake doesn’t leave me short of yarn for finishing the project. If I happen to have any cotton left at the end then I might add a couple of rounds to this to make it into a coaster!

Sketch journal

I may not have been blogging, but I have been drawing every day still. I’ve started a sketch journal, and the idea is to draw something from that day. None of the pictures in and of themselves are amazing, but i’m enjoying thinking back over my day and trying to draw something about it from memory. The pages as a whole look cool with a little description underneath as well. I can’t show you the descriptions as they often mention other people, but hopefully these pictures will give you an idea of what I’ve been doing.