Friendship star

This evening I finished sewing together the friendship star to form part of a child’s quilt that a group of us are making. I’m really happy with it as it’s only a teeny bit wonky, and i realise that wonkiness is less noticeable with bigger patches. Also pleased, given that it’s only the second piece of patchwork I’ve sewn and I did it all by hand. I’m happy with my stitches too.

What I’m not so happy with is my husband pointing  at me and exclaiming “you’re ironing!” as I was pressing the seams. In  fairness, he’s never seen me do it before!

Whilst in hobby craft this afternoon I bought some 100% cotton yarn in order to make an octopus toy to give to a hospital for a premature baby. I’m always a fan of variegated wools, and i hope this makes the octopus look cool!


Baby blanket finished 

This evening I’ve added rows  to the border and completed the baby blanket. I’m really pleased with how it looks, but disappointed with it overall as it is only 22inches square, and seems too small to be useful as a baby blanket. I’m not quite sure what to do with it now. I don’t want to add more border to it as i think it will start to look unbalanced and the middle will get lost. 

I got given a very cool present today as well, which will be a rainy day project. 

I get to make my own felt clanger keyring… Sooo cool. Thanks damian and lesley


It’s been a while, but today I got back into creativity and Sue taught me how to quilt my patchwork cushion cover. I’ve started by quilting ‘in the ditch’ and an really impressed by how neat the stitching is on the back! 

The massive white stitches are just to hold it all in place while I quilt! 

Once again I enjoyed hanging out with a group of people in my church, doing different  crafts, and i also made a start on a friendship star block, where each of us will make a block and then someone will quilt them all together to make a quilted for project Linus to give to a child. So far I’ve cut all the pieces and I’ve hand stitched the triangles together. 

It’s very cool to be working on a collaborative project, and to be making something for a child in need. Maybe I could incorporate prayer into the next lot of stitching that I do and pray  for the child that will receive it and their family. 

This evening I’ve finally got round  to starting  the border on the baby blanket, following a video tutorial by the crochet crowd for a border designed for c2c blankets. Their border only has 2 main rows round it but that still won’t make my blanket big enough, so I’m adapting as I go, in order to keep the style while giving myself the freedom to make it as big as i need. I think it looks good so far. The round i’m working on is the first bit of my adaptation. 

So now I have 3 projects on the go… One patchwork, one quilt age one crochet. Plus, i ordered some beautiful wool from Australia, which I’d seen on someone else’s blog (which I now can’t find again) which I want to crochet a corner to corner blanket/throw for myself. I justified buying it because I was going to make presents for other people with it, but after paying postage and customs charges the balls of wool have worked out rather expensive (oops). Anyway, it’s finally arrived after taking 3 days to get from Oz to the UK and then about 2weeks for me to finally be able to go and pick it up because it was just sitting in a sorting office without them actually sending it out. I was just relieved it wasn’t either lost, or sent back to Oz because it had been having around too long! 

Part finished

While catching up on masterchef from last night I finished the inner square for the baby blanket. It was pleasing how the corner to corner square started with a pink section, and ended with a blue section. That seems very appropriate seeing as the mum to be won’t know if it’s a girl or a boy until it is actually born. 

Sloth of self kindness!

Recently my depression has been troubling me a lot. I decided to treat myself and signed up to a subscription for Blurt’s buddy Boxes sorry, i can’t figure out how to add links any more now the format of the wordpress app seems to have changed to mirror the website. I found the app a lot more intuitive. Any help would be appreciated! I also can’t figure out how to add photos that I want to take at that moment.

Anyway, now the sense of accomplishment I felt in doing craft has somewhat disappeared due to my incompetence in this post.

But, I’ll  show you what I made :


A  previous box had this cute little craft in it. I decided to give it a go this morning as I’m still dizzy and off work, despite managing to get my ears syringed yesterday and can now hear (which I hoped  would sort out my balance issues). I’m better than i was but not quite sorted. Gonna go for a walk in the park later to test how I feel with more space around me.

Sorry, I’m a bit all over the place and rambling here.

So I sat on the floor and got to work. Everything you need is provided in the pack

Apart from scissors and a pencil.


I enjoyed cutting out the pieces and then trying to make stitches as neat as possible. I know when I’ve got caught up in a craft as i forget to take photos of the process, and I’m glad when that happens!

I found myself slowing down and enjoying taking my time over the stitches. I thought about how slowing down can help with self care and i enjoyed feeling relaxed. But next step will be dealing with the sense of rubbishness  that has  cropped up with not being able to blog in the way I want 🙁. Maybe lunch will help?


Short WIP

Here’s my next quickish project in crochet. I bought one ball of lovely wool, without any idea of what I’d do with it. Yesterday evening I decided to make a C2c baby blanket, but now discover there’s not enough wool  to make it big enough.


So I plan to finish the square and then visit my lovely wool shop to find a wool that i can crochet a thick border with, and just hope it doesn’t look too weird.


However, I am pleased that the corners where I have started decreasing actually look like right angles which I don’t think they did really on my washcloth… That all felt a bit wonky.

Get well card

After paper cutting i made a card to send to a friend of ours who had a hip replacement yesterday. His wife is coming for dinner before going to visit him this evening so I wanted to get it done before then. 

It’s an idea I had for making easter cards but although I had all the stuff I needed I didn’t get round to making them for easter. Ernie is a Christian, and i thought he might appreciate one to brighten up his stay in hospital. 
The idea behind the design is one of God’s love and power shining through even the darkest of times. I hoped the colours would look really vibrant on the black background. 

To start with I cut out a cross shape from an old envelope and blutacked it in place (you can do this with any shape you want though). With hindsight I would just put a small blob of blutac in the middle. Having put it round the edges of the cross i then ended up pressing hard on it and it had a tendency to rip  the card when I took it off later. 

Then I got out my gel Pastels, only to discover they didn’t smudge as i needed them to, so i swapped to oil Pastels. I worked round colouring on the edge of the template then smudging it off with my finger. 

I added more colour and some white to try to highlight it a bit, and then removed the envelope cross. Finally I sprayed it with colour fixative so it doesn’t smudge when it’s touched (apparently hairspray works well for this too) and I’ll write in it later!