Hey there and happy weekend to you all πŸ€—

I feel its been too long since my last giveaway, so here we are! This time it’s a selection of jewellery. There are 4 ‘prizes’ so 4 potential winners (if enough people enter the giveaway!).

Here they are

1. Pink and red heart bracelet on elastic

2. Blue and white star bracelet (though now I’ve finished it I’ve noticed a few rogue pink seed beads in there… Let’s say it’s quirky… Or unique!) on elastic

3. Double Washer necklace (painted with nail varnish) with adjustable cord

4. Single washer necklace with adjustable cord

To enter, leave a comment below, letting me know which is/are your favourite/s. If things work out I’ll try to match the winners (in the order they come out of the hat) to their favourite item.

I will ship to anywhere,so this giveaway is open to all.

I will draw the winners on Tuesday 10th July πŸ€—πŸŽ‰


A couple of sketches

Yesterday and today I did a couple of sketches.

Yesterday’s was of peppa as I wanted to send a card to a fellow guinea pig lover and I couldn’t find one to buy, so I decided to try drawing one. I also decided to try drawing from life rather than a photo. I had a false start as she decided to move part way through but then she settled to eat hay, so I started again and came up with this

I think she’s ended up a bit longer and thinner than in real life but she doesn’t look unlike her!

And then today we went on a year one trip to a farm. We spent half an hour sitting and drawing something we could see. I decided to join in (official rationale being it’s good for the kids to see grown ups choosing to do some of the things they are being asked to do…. Real reason being I don’t want to pass up a chance to sketch!).

This was the view I had

And this is my sketch

It was so relaxing to just really focus on the view and look at it in detail. Even though I didn’t manage to reproduce that, looking at the sketch again now! I’m not sure I’ve really sketched landscapes before but maybe I’ll do that Γ  bit more in the future

Project bag

Yesterday afternoon, after work, I went material shopping in Newent at the patchwork basket. I wanted to buy fabric to make a reversible wrap around skirt for my sister’s birthday, and I wanted to see if there was any fabric I thought my friend would like so I could make her a project bag.

Well, best laid plans don’t always turn out the way you expect. First of all this trip was scheduled for Thursday but then one of my guinea pigs had a fit in the morning. I was holding her, fully expecting her to die, she was so floppy, and then suddenly she perked up and looked and acted like nothing had happened. But, the fabric shopping trip was then postponed in favour of a vet trip after work. It was a stressful day yesterday but peppa has been fine ever since… If I hadn’t seen the fit I’d not have known anything was wrong. The vet gave me some parasite medicine to give to her and rosie, which might help, or it might just be something going on in her brain as she is a bit of an old lady now having just had her 6th birthday!

Anyway, sorry… Just thought I’d share piggy news as it was quite a big deal for me at the time.


So on friday I made it to the fabric shop! But, the one material my sister and I had agreed on wasn’t there, and can’t be ordered, so then I spent ages looking at all the other patterns and trying to decide what to get. In the end I got 2 fabrics that don’t go together at all, but I think she’ll like both, so I’m just going to make her 2 skirts instead!

While I was there I looked for a dragon fabric as one of my friends had a birthday last week and i’m seeing her for lunch today and I wanted to make her a project bag, and she loves dragons. I found a fabric I think she’ll love as the dragon reminds me of smaug from the hobbit, which she also loves.

I found another gorgeous fabric which goes with the lining fabric and I plan to make another project bag from that… I ‘ll show you photos of that when I make something from it.

Anyway, enough waffle… Here’s the bag I made in the evening following this tutorial by very Shannon. I read the whole thing though and then worked from memory until the part where you had to join the inner lining to the outer part. I couldn’t picture how making the ribbon channel would work but I just followed her instructions and it was great. My only issue is that I had to leave quite a big gap to be able to turn the bag the right way round, so now there’s a big section that doesn’t close.

Ironically, the hardest part of the whole process and the bit that took the longest time was threading the ribbon through! I discovered a ball point pen lid helped as I didn’t have a safety pin the right size to attach to it! Annoyingly, I was so excited to get it through the first time that I pulled too hard and the other end disappeared into the channel and I had to start again! πŸ˜‚ It’s funny now but I was cursing at the time!

Anyhow, I’ve scheduled this post so it publishes while I’m having lunch with her so I don’t spoil the surprise, as she follows my blog. I’m super excited to give it to her!

This definitely won’t be the last project bag I make like this… It’s fab, and it’s reversible !

Third and final post for today! A pretty notebook

Wow… I’ve had a super crafty day! I’ve been sat in front of the TV all afternoon, with three different football matches in the background, which has been cool. But at least I have been productive too!

My final project for the day was another attempt at coptic bookbinding to make a little notebook that I decorated with birds and flowers, and wrote a variety of Jane austen quotes in (you’ve got to love her!).

I followed a different tutorial this time and am really pleased with how my stitching turned out. Next time I need to remember to do more than 3 rows of stitching as it’s the inner lines that look best (rather than the top and bottom ones).

It’s definitely better now I have waxed thread as well, though next time I need to think harder at the beginning how much I might need… This time I ran out part way through and had to tie more on!! Oh well, its a good job I’m getting to be less of a perfectionist with my crafts!

Cherry blossom necklace

Hi again! I’ve just spent the last couple of hours working on turning a stone into a necklace. Initially I planned to just crochet around the edge of the stone and I used this tutorial to get going. I didn’t follow it exactly, partly because I didn’t realise initially that it was US terms not UK, so, ended up double crocheting instead of treble, and partly because my stone was so much smaller than hers.

But once i’d worked around the edge I was wondering if the stone might ever wiggle out of it. So, I continued with her idea for a tree with winter berries, but modified it to a tree with cherry blossom.

Then I just added a mixed pink chained thread to tie it on as a necklace (I’ve used embroidery thread for the whole thing) and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out.

This is an idea I’ve had for a while, and I’m sure I’ll explore it more with a few attempts at different designs.

Working workout instructions

Today I quickly knocked up a little zippered pouch. I’ve made a couple of zippered bags before and always used instructions (which doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve done them right!). Today it was part laziness (sewing equipment downstairs, phone upstairs) and partly the idea that if I figure things out for myself then I’m more likely to understand and remember how to do them. So here is the pouch I made with no instructions!

It didn’t exactly turned out as I’d plannedπŸ˜‚. For a start it was meant to have elephants on the outside and paisley on the inside. But the first attempt to sew the zip on went wonky and didn’t catch all the zip edge, and after one lot of unpicking I really couldn’t face a second lot when I realised the paisley was on the outside and the elephants on the inside. Oh well… Both materials are pretty so maybe I’ll mix them up! Now both are represented on the outside and both on the inside. I quite like it though!

The zip edges are not as neat as they could be… I couldn’t remember how/be bothered to cover the ends with fabric. I finished it off with a bit of hand stitching, so there are no unfinished ends at least.

But overall, for a quick project, I’m really pleased with it… It was about 45 minutes from start to finish (including clearing some space on the table to sew!!). It looks pretty, its sturdy, and the zip works, and I got it finished before the football started (what more could you ask for!!). 😊

A llama and a shawl

This evening, while watching poldark I quickly made up this cute little felt llama. My sister is feeding rather under the weather, with labyrinthitis and 3 children to home school, so I wanted to make something for her so she at least has some happy mail.

It’s from a kit by the make arcade and its quick and easy to do. I Like that you get templates, so if you like a design you can just get more felt and make another one! I hope she likes it!

Over the last week or so I’ve also been working on this windmill shawl, which is now quite a repetitive pattern of 2 alternating rows. I’m not sure what I think of patterns where the rows get progressively longer though… It feels a bit disheartening.