Inktober day 29 – double

I’ve tried something a bit different today. I wanted to draw a jazz musician playing a double bass, and i wanted there to be a sense of movement and freedom in it. I wondered if attempting a continuous, single line drawing would help achieve that effect, so I gave it a go.

There are obvious things that haven’t really worked, like getting the body parts in proportion, but I do quite like the loose feel to it and the fact that I could add more lines when one wasn’t quite in the right place. That seemed to work better on the double bass itself, and I seemed to forget that I could do that on the musician himself (other than his face). Maybe it would have worked a little bit better if I’d done that. But it was a fun technique and one I’d like to try again


Inktober day 28 – gift

This was a bit boring and my heart wasn’t in it initially. The first (bigger) gift ended up a bit wonky so I decided to draw a couple more gifts and try to get the edges a bit straighter and more parallel. I was pleased with my bows!

Inktober day 27 – thunder

Here’s the photo I used for today’s prompt. And here’s my attempt at it

I’m not happy with the sky but I really don’t like shading big areas as I don’t think they ever look right. Does anyone have any advice on this? Do I just need to be more careful at getting the lines even and all going in exactly the same direction

Inktober day 26 – stretch

Today I was thinking about this prompt and decided it could be fun to try to draw the squirrel who visits our garden, climbs up the bird feeder pole and stretches across to get food from the feeders. But then as I was sitting in our living on the first floor, he suddenly appeared on the windowsill next to me. He had a precarious climb up the railings, though I’m not sure what he was trying to achieve with this, and then climbed back down again! I managed to snap a couple of pictures of him on my phone without scaring him.

Sure enough he then joined his mate at the bird feeder and some more serious stretching occurred, but seeing as I couldn’t get any good photos of this I decided to draw him on the railings. Here he is

Lino cut workshop

Today saw me trying another new craft! I mean I did one lot of lino cut in school, but that’s it.

The session was led by Kelly noble who was great at getting people working at different levels depending on their experience. She gave me a little piece of lino to try out the tools on and have a go at making different marks. I started with that and then let the marks turn into a little picture.

Here’s how the prints turned out

We got to have a go with some home dyed paper that Kelly had prepared for us. I didn’t expect to really like mine on it but I thought it was pretty cool!

I’d gone to the session with an idea of making a long tailed tit picture and had done a few quick pen and ink drawings this morning

before heading to the arts and crafts centre so I spent maybe half an hour transferring my pictures onto lino and then carving round. I did it all pretty fast because I wasn’t really sure what I was doing and wanted to have a go at printing it before I left so I could see how it would turn out. I’m actually really pleased with how it looks, and I now have some tools so I can do a bit more work on it at home and improve it.

I thought it would be fun to try printing it on some pink colours as these birds are black, white and pink in real life. Which do you prefer?