Blanket update

Since the last time I wrote about my stash buster blanket my stash has increased! My mum had loads of her own stash that she wasn’t using, and she kindly put some of my favourite colours into a parcel and sent them to me.

And I started using them straight away, choosing the minty green for the next row.

I’m especially pleased to have a navy again, as I’d used the last of mine up on the blanket. I love the contrast of it against the pink.

Plus I’m quite proud of myself as I’m keeping on top of the ends, having a weaving in session after about 10 rows so it never feels like too much. It helps that I love my cute little scissors too!

And finally, look out for something special in my next post. It will be my 250th post since I started blogging, and as always I shall be marking the milestone with a giveaway


8 thoughts on “Blanket update”

  1. Oh it looks so good 👌 and I like that you’re keeping on top of the ends, good idea. I think I need to get myself some cute little scissors 🤔


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