Rainbow giveaway

Yesterday once of the girls from church turned 10. I decided it was a nice opportunity to make a crochet rainbow that I had seen on a yarny Robin’s blog post. She linked to the original pattern which can be found at the stitch foundry. Yarny Robin had made some modifications to the pattern and I chose to follow her idea to chain 5 and miss a stitch on the final row as I didn’t want the edge to be as ruffled as in the original pattern.

I really enjoyed making it as it only took an evening to complete, so it was quick and easy. Plus I love colourful projects, so it was fun working with the Rainbow colours. It was also cool that by adding tassels I got rid of the need for sewing in ends as I just tied them into the tassels (a definite bonus!).

The finished rainbow
Hanging in a window

The birthday girl seemed to like it, so that was good. I might make myself one at some point, but knowing that my 250th blog post was coming up I thought this might make a nice giveaway item for one of my lovely readers. Annoyingly I made a mistake on this rainbow and accidentally did the blues in the wrong order, but I hope that won’t put people off wanting to receive it!

The giveaway rainbow that you could win

Unfortunately my giveaway is only open to UK readers as I’m not feeling confident about going to a post office in the current climate. But, if you live in the UK and would like a chance to win this rainbow then leave me a comment on this post and I’ll enter your name in a hat and make the draw on Thursday 28th May.

I can’t quite believe that I’ve written 250 blog posts. That feels like quite an achievement given that I was originally just going to blog for a year about all the things I made. But what started out as a year long idea has become a motivation to me to keep crafting. I’ve loved connecting with people through my blog and have been amazed at how many people have chosen to follow me. I really missed blogging when I was pregnant and too tired to craft, and I’m thrilled to be back now. Thank you for reading my posts and here’s to many more of them.


31 thoughts on “Rainbow giveaway”

  1. Wow, I’ve seen a few of these around and think they are lovely. Well done and I’m glad the birthday girl liked it.


  2. Great minds must think alike, because I’ve been playing with rainbow fabrics today!
    A shame I don’t live in the UK but was wondering, can I enter, and if I win, give you the address of my 21 month old grand daughter, in the UK? I’m sure she’d be thrilled to bits if I won this for her, and she’s probably learning her colours by now.


      1. I’m going to be making a small patchwork quilt. Only got as far as cutting my fabrics so far ^^ And thank you for letting me enter on behalf of my toddler grand daughter ^^


  3. What a beautiful piece! I’m sure the birthday girl was thrilled. I’m glad you stuck around longer than the original year! πŸ™‚


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