5 little ducks

For our baby sensory class this week we needed 5 ducks for an activity. I got to the morning and realised I hadn’t sorted anything out, so I grabbed a piece of yellow card and looked up ‘duckling line drawings‘ on line. I then started to copy different ones so that each of the ducklings had slightly different features, rather than have them all look the same.

I did them pretty quickly (maybe 10-15 minutes total), drawing in pencil then going over in black felt tip. One I’d cut them out though i still had a duckling sized piece of card left and decided to very quickly do another one and use one of the others as mama duck. I didn’t bother with pencil first, just went for it with the felt tip, and interestingly this one is my favourite of the ducks. I wonder if just going for it created a different quality to the picture, or if it was always going to be the cutest duckling? I was probably lucky though as I had to do bits of rubbing out on most of the other ducklings.

Mama duck
The cutest one!

Now I just need to cover them with sticky back plastic so Mr E can actually play with them, rather than just having to look at them in his blue blanket pond! But they worked well for the session when we sang 5 little ducks.


8 thoughts on “5 little ducks”

  1. These are gorgeous! Yes, your freehand one, “the cutest one,” is indeed the cutest—I think just going for it with the felt-tip gave you a freedom and zest that comes across in the drawing! I also especially like the fourth one. What a great project and how lucky E is to have a Mum who does this stuff and who also just happens to have sticky back plastic to cover them with so they’re durable for playing and drooling!


    1. Thank you. In fairness I didn’t have sticky back plastic when I needed it, so poor Mr E just had to look at them! But I ordered some and now need to find a spare 5 minutes to cover them all


  2. They look lovely, especially on the blue blanket! I agree about the cutest one, but then each duckling has its own characteristic, so I think it’s helpful to have five totally different ones. I wish you Mum had better artistic skills for things like this! Perhaps you ought to set me a challenge or us both to do one day!!!


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