Pink flowers

I’ve done a few more rows of the stash buster blanket and this time I copied Eleonora’s choice of colours. She chose green, pinks and purple to reflect the pink flowers you get on the cliffs. We’ve got thrift in our garden and I love these flowers.

I’ve really enjoyed the yarns I’ve used too. The green and the purple were yarns I bought while on holiday in India a couple of years ago, the pink for the bobbles is left over from some stripey pink and purple socks I made on a crochet retreat, and the darker pink was a gift from a yarn swap I did. The purple section will get a bit wider as the next row is all treble crochet in that colour. Annoyingly, the subtlety of these colours makes the orange stand out even more, which rather overpowers these ones, but I’m hoping that it will all balance out as the blanket continues to grow


4 thoughts on “Pink flowers”

  1. I think the orange is fine – you’ve got a row of red a bit lower so I don;t think it looks out of place at all. I love the new thrift rows!


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