Super cute whale

A while back I saw that la magie du fil had made a gorgeous whale following a free pattern from chouette kits. It was irresistible so I asked my sister to print me off the pattern and it arrived this week. Yesterday I set to work cutting the pieces and sewing together the fins.

As it all had to be done during Mr E’s nap times I knew I wouldn’t be able to use Sissy (my sewing machine) as she would probably be too noisy and wake him up. So I got out Serenity (my vintage singer) and did a test sew last night. I was very glad I’d left her threaded up so I didn’t have to work that out, but I did look up a video of how to wind the bobbin so that I could have the right thread on it.

Today when Mr E fell asleep in his moses basket I sat alongside him and Serenity got to work! She does clonk a bit as her needle goes down, but Mr E didn’t notice and slept through until our doorbell rang with a delivery! Having been enjoying watching the repair shop on BBC iplayer I think that once things settle down a bit I should really get her serviced and cleaned up a bit so that she runs more smoothly.

I had to wait till the next nap to be able to sew the eyes on, stuff the whale and sew it up. But once the nap was over whale was ready to be cuddled and ‘kissed’ on the nose!

I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out though the hand sewing is a bit obvious due to the variegated thread I used, but I like it and it will stay as a design feature! Plus, although I thought I’d got them lined up, the eyes are dramatically not level with each other!

This was a fun and quick I project that I really enjoyed doing.


10 thoughts on “Super cute whale”

  1. That’s adorable Julia.
    Please let me know when you are comfortable receiving parcels again. I think I have some large fabric scraps and samples that you will like and hopefully be able to use. I still haven’t made time to get back to sewing and it seems a waste for them to be stored under the stairs.


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