Sewing book giveaway winner(s)

Hi there

Well, 5 people were interested in my giveaway of sunshine sewing

And the first name picked out of the folded up papers in my hands by my obliging husband was…….

Hannah from quiet water craft

However, there is a surprise second prize, of the book ‘the sewing machine’ by Natalie fergie

The second name drawn was Faye from the chicken grandma. Let me know if you’d like it (as I realise you didn’t sign up for that and may already have a copy, or not want to read it!) and I’ll either pop it in the post to you, or draw another name from those left!

It was a fun book, published by crowd funding through unbound which I’m loving as a way of being involved in helping authors to publish their books.

I had totally misunderstood the concept of this book, but really enjoyed reading it despite that! It took me a while to get into it but once I had met the main characters I was drawn in and read it really quickly. I loved the historical aspects to it, and looking back to previous generations. I would recommend it as a good read, even if you don’t sew.

Congratulations to you both 😊


8 thoughts on “Sewing book giveaway winner(s)”

  1. I would love to have that book! I had to grin about the title. I just inherited my mom in laws White sewing machine and cabinet. She purchased it from Aunt Evie who sewed for a living. I am needing to quiz my mom in law some more on the history of my machine and see if it has an hidden stories!

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