A first attempt at bookbinding (!) and my completed paradox zentangle.

Well, as you do, today I had a go at making my own notebook, using some of the paper sent to me a week or so ago by the lovely rebecca. I can’t remember how I came across this idea but I’ve had two tabs (this and this) open on my phone, with instructions for coptic book binding, and decided today was the day to give it a go!

I folded the notebook pages into sets of three sheets

I cut two pieces of card that are a bit bigger than the inserts

I marked and made holes through the inserts, and then through the card… Just using a sharp but thickish needle worked for the thicknesses of paper and card I had

And then I sewed it up!

I think I might need to watch some other tutorials as I don’t think this is how it’s supposed to look…. But it holds the notebook together which is the most important thing, and it’s not a complete mess, which makes me want to explore a bit more about how to do it properly.

Finally I decorated the front with a sleepy cat which I tried to copy from here. It’s not as cute as I’d hoped, but it looked pretty rubbish when I only had thin lines and making some of them thicker definitely rescued it a bit. Note to self… Decorate the cover before sewing it into place!!

It’s not perfect, but I’m really pleased with it as a first attempt in something I’ve never tried before.

And finally, here’s my completed zentangle.


32 thoughts on “A first attempt at bookbinding (!) and my completed paradox zentangle.”

    1. Yay! Do it! I almost feel like I should constantly have a grid drawn up that I can fill in whenever I need a ‘slow down’ moment!
      Thank you for your lovely comments…. And for introducing me to zentangle 😊


  1. Sewn books are great. Great first attempt and you can really experiment with these in so many ways. Like your contented cat and finished zentangle drawing. It looks 3 dimensional.


  2. Your cat drawing is fab. I could stare at that zentangle for days. I know that the patterns build up piece by piece but when you look at the finished picture it’s so hard to see where you would start on something that detailed. If that makes any sense!


    1. Totally! Even when I know how I did it it still looks crazily complicated and I have to look hard to set my original triangles! It’s just the coolest effect. And thank you for your comment about the cat. So many people have said nice things about it. I think I should maybe take more pride in it!


      1. Thank you. I think it’s mainly because the one I copied was really cute and mine ‘s not exactly like that one. But on its own and without being compared I think it does still look cute in its own right. There’s a lesson here somewhere!!


  3. I keep coming back to this post because I want to learn how to make books. I think your first attempts here turned out lovely. I really love the book you sent me with all of the lovely bird papers in it. I haven’t thought of a way to use it yet, but I will definitely share when I use it to make something.


      1. I’m sure I will. I just have to wait for things to slow down enough to think about it.


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