Sprocket cushion

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to keep starting new projects when I still have old ones on the go, but I’m putting off the quilting until I decide what patterns I want to see on. The octopus can wait a while, but my new project is for a birthday present that won’t wait! 

I’ve been planning to make a sprocket cushion for a while and have materials to make one for myself but then realised it would make a cool present. I guess it’s risky making your first one as a present as I find I learn all sorts as i go along that will hopefully make future ones better. 

I decided to try the english method of patchwork which my talented crafty sister had told me about, so got busy ironing, measuring, drawing, planning, cutting and tacking. I have to say I found this part of the process a bit tedious and it felt like it went on forever. At least it meant that after that I could just focus on putting it all together. I started yesterday afternoon and decided to leave the last two sections till today as I’m not convinced they’re going to match up very well and I was too tired to deal with that last night! 

Today i thought I’d better blog before sewing as otherwise I might not have time before some friends arrive for lunch… We’re hoping to do a bbq and the weather is being co-operative so far! 

I’m  super surprised at how much I’m enjoying sewing! There’s even a possibility I’m finding it more relaxing than crochet as I make my stitches as small as possible! I think my stitches might be smaller and neater with this method too, but we’ll see when I take the paper out! 


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