Eyes opened to stone work 

Since going on my stone carving workshop I have found myself viewing stone work with a lot more interest, and in a figent way to before. 

On holiday in Spain I enjoyed looking at the cathedrals and churches and wondering about the time it would have taken to do all the stone work. 

In an old building where I had hot chocolate I liked at the different faces of the stone walls and thought about the different techniques they had used to cut the stones to make the walls. 

And i loved going round an exhibition of the work of Jesus Otero. His first sculpture was done when he was 12

The relief figures of his family when he was 14 or 15

And he went on to make many more pieces. This was my favourite in the exhibition we saw. 

I am thrilled that exploring my own creativity has  opened my eyes to that of other people too. 

You can see more photos of Jesus otero’s work here


4 thoughts on “Eyes opened to stone work ”

  1. Wow!! His work is beautiful. I’ve always been so awestruck by stone work and really anything made from stone. From the most rustic stone wall to ornate churches – I am fascinated with them all!! 😀


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