Loads of different things! 

Hey there everyone. Hope you all had a good weekend. My husband and I had kept this weekend free, after having a few busy weeks, and it was lush to have time to catch up with each other, and have time to focus on crafts. 

On Saturday we  went to a gorgeous cafe next to the canal, called the stables café. I took my crochet and sat  in the sun with this beautiful view! 

The blanket is coming along though I still seem to be making lots of mistakes. I know they won’t really notice too much, but it’s bugging me that I keep ending up with too many stitches in the row and I don’t know why I’m getting them. Plus I obviously got a bit cocky with one set of leaves and managed to add an unnecessary loop in front of the stalk! But… At least it is growing! 

I also spent time making collage cards for a giveaway on kelleysdiy which I am really excited to be part of. Do go and check it out… She’s had loads of sponsors donating things for the giveaway so there will be loads of chances to win something lovely. 

I love the idea of giveaways, and can give you a heads up that I plan to do my own to celebrate when I have 50 WordPress followers… Don’t think it’ll be too long now! 🤣

I got really excited when I discovered a blog written in french and English, and found that Charlotte makes beautiful wooden items. She wanted to do a craft swap for a gorgeous unicorn necklace, so I’m going to make her a crochet shawl in exchange. It might take a while though as I really need to finish pattern testing this blanket too. 

My final area of creativity was making a photo book online for one of my nephews who I’d taken on a zookeeper day. It was so much fun going through the photos again and adding comments about what he’d been doing. They’re coming to stay soon, so i hope it arrives before then so I can give it to him and see his  reaction. 

Ooh, and finally… How could I forget?? I had the most gorgeous parcel from wool warehouse, with my book and the wools to make Sophie’s universe. I love the bag it came in too! 

The project will have to go on hold for a while as I have too many things on  the go at the moment, but maybe it will make a lovely winter project. 


32 thoughts on “Loads of different things! ”

      1. LOVE, LOVE, them all! I have at least 4 hummingbird feeders…love watching them. If there feeder is empty….one knocks at my window! so cute!!! but bossy!


      2. Oh that’s so cool. I love hummingbirds…they are such stunning little birds (and apparently the only bird to be able to fly backwards!). We don’t have them in the UK but i loved seeing them in South America. That’s so cute that they knock on your window to refill the feeders!!

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      1. A primary school class for 4-5 year olds…I’m a teaching assistant. There’s definitely a trend for unicorns…helped by the Despicable me films I think, but I hadn’t realised it had reached the boys as well! Today he was using a cone (which we were using to teach 3d shape names) and putting it on his head pretending to be a unicorn….it was so cute!


    1. Definitely! I already have a return trip planned, and it’s exciting to discover that the company have taken over the pub further town the canal where my husband and I originally got together… Looking forward to trying out the food there.


  1. all progress is looking good and I love your new yarns! I buy from Wool Warehouse too and love their draw string bags ^^


    1. It’s the first time I’d bought from them (having seen another blog user but from them I thought I’d give them a go!) and I thought the bag was a really lovely touch. Cool how your week comes with it’s own project bag! And it just made it all look so beautiful


      1. Oops… A few mistakes as my phone auto corrected things there! *bought* and *work*. Accidentally using the word “but” made me think of finding nemo when he swims to the boat and his friends say “he touched the butt”!!


  2. Thank you for sending me one of your lovely hummingbird cards which is really lovely and very special!!
    much love, as always, Mum xxx


  3. Your cards are so lovely! I love packages from Wool Warehouse-packaged so nicely! Wish I had that view to sit and look at while I crochet/knit.
    Have a good day!


  4. So many lovely things going on!!! You’ve got a lot of fun stuff to last you for weeks!!! I hear you on the hubby time – we see each other every day (obviously) but I feel like we haven’t spent time together in a while! I need to organize an “us” outing soon! 😀


    1. I think my projects might last months!! Dates with the hubby are definitely the way to go (especially when I can take my crochet too… Though I think talking while crocheting is what encourages the crochet fairy to come along and play with my work!)


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