Quick catch up

This post will be more pictures than words as I need an early night! 

At the weekend the baby blanket grew a bit more. Unfortunately I somehow grew it sideways as well by adding some unintentional stitches, but i rectified that pretty quickly! 

This evening I got to catch up with my friend Iona over dinner at mine. We then played with my craft stuff and she explored how to use my intense ink pencils (like water colour pencils only with an ink effect). She produced these really vibrant flowers which I love. 

While she did that i made a few more cards, which were fun as they evolved as i made them. I really only started with an idea of the animal I wanted to create and then saw what happened  at each stage. 

It was a fun evening, and as always, lovely to have a craft buddy! 


9 thoughts on “Quick catch up”

  1. Craft buddies are the best!! Those ink pencils look like they are a lot of fun and what gorgeous color!! I love your animals – you are so creative and talented!!! šŸ˜€


    1. The pencils really are vibrant, which is what attracted me to them! Thank you for your lovely comments. I’m so pleased with my cards… It’s been fun exploring something totally different, and I’m super pleased with the Badger card.

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