Weekend crafting update

My sister came to stay, and her skirt fits (and she likes it)! So here are the photos as promised. I used the we all sew instructions for the wrap around skirt, but reduced the lower hem width to make it flare less.

I love using the variegated yarn and making double lines of stitching. And I’m really pleased at my totally made up pocket.

Also, on Saturday I went to some literature events at the cathedral, and discovered a table in the cloisters where you could have a go at calligraphy. Here are my attempts, guided by David Simons

Here are what the guy did, along with embellishments…. Now THAT I’d like to explore more.

I hadn’t realised that you do this with a pointed pen where the nib splits as you put pressure on it, and depending how far the sides split that determines how big a difference there is between the wide parts of the stroke and the thinner parts. He gave me a proper nib to try with… Now I just have to experiment with finding something to attach it to!

I think it will be a lot easier to make the designs even if I use lined guides rather than just going freehand. Maybe now is the time to bring out the calligraphy workbook my friend gave me for my birthday 😊