Sloth of self kindness!

Recently my depression has been troubling me a lot. I decided to treat myself and signed up to a subscription for Blurt’s buddy Boxes sorry, i can’t figure out how to add links any more now the format of the wordpress app seems to have changed to mirror the website. I found the app a lot more intuitive. Any help would be appreciated! I also can’t figure out how to add photos that I want to take at that moment.

Anyway, now the sense of accomplishment I felt in doing craft has somewhat disappeared due to my incompetence in this post.

But, I’ll  show you what I made :


A  previous box had this cute little craft in it. I decided to give it a go this morning as I’m still dizzy and off work, despite managing to get my ears syringed yesterday and can now hear (which I hoped  would sort out my balance issues). I’m better than i was but not quite sorted. Gonna go for a walk in the park later to test how I feel with more space around me.

Sorry, I’m a bit all over the place and rambling here.

So I sat on the floor and got to work. Everything you need is provided in the pack

Apart from scissors and a pencil.


I enjoyed cutting out the pieces and then trying to make stitches as neat as possible. I know when I’ve got caught up in a craft as i forget to take photos of the process, and I’m glad when that happens!

I found myself slowing down and enjoying taking my time over the stitches. I thought about how slowing down can help with self care and i enjoyed feeling relaxed. But next step will be dealing with the sense of rubbishness  that has  cropped up with not being able to blog in the way I want 🙁. Maybe lunch will help?