It grew! 

This evening while babysitting for our nephews I thought I’d do a couple of rows  on my spring fields baby blanket, and then I got caught up in it and suddenly it had grown loads! 

At the end of this evening
Where I’d got to yesterday

I like reflecting on the growth of the blanket and the growth of the baby I’m crocheting it for, and have a much stronger sense of that with this blanket than with others because while crocheting I am making the flowers grow taller and sprout leaves. 

Stalk with first set of leaves

I feel quite proud of myself as I’m doing stitches and techniques I’ve never done before, while following a pattern written in American terms. Mainly its ok as  there are really useful descriptions of what to do for each stitch, but i realise I did one row wrong as I forgot to translate double crochet up to treble crochet. It made my row a bit wobbly (see the picture above of where I’d got to yesterday)  but I sorted it with some stitches with  less  tension on the next row! I realise things also went rather wrong somewhere in the first couple of rows, making the stalk a bit wonky and the edge very uneven, but I think I’ve sorted that now, and have the right number of stitches between each flower stalk, so i hope it will be ok from now on. By the time I realised I’d made these mistakes I’d gone too far to consider frogging. Crochet is helping me to learn to live with and accept my mistakes instead of trying to make them disappear. I’m beginning to accept that things that are less than perfect are still acceptable and often even still really good. Hopefully I can begin to transfer this acceptance from crochet into my life a bit more. 

Wobbly edge!!

Who knew that crochet could have such an influence on personal and spiritual development?! 


Sloth of self kindness!

Recently my depression has been troubling me a lot. I decided to treat myself and signed up to a subscription for Blurt’s buddy Boxes sorry, i can’t figure out how to add links any more now the format of the wordpress app seems to have changed to mirror the website. I found the app a lot more intuitive. Any help would be appreciated! I also can’t figure out how to add photos that I want to take at that moment.

Anyway, now the sense of accomplishment I felt in doing craft has somewhat disappeared due to my incompetence in this post.

But, I’ll  show you what I made :


A  previous box had this cute little craft in it. I decided to give it a go this morning as I’m still dizzy and off work, despite managing to get my ears syringed yesterday and can now hear (which I hoped  would sort out my balance issues). I’m better than i was but not quite sorted. Gonna go for a walk in the park later to test how I feel with more space around me.

Sorry, I’m a bit all over the place and rambling here.

So I sat on the floor and got to work. Everything you need is provided in the pack

Apart from scissors and a pencil.


I enjoyed cutting out the pieces and then trying to make stitches as neat as possible. I know when I’ve got caught up in a craft as i forget to take photos of the process, and I’m glad when that happens!

I found myself slowing down and enjoying taking my time over the stitches. I thought about how slowing down can help with self care and i enjoyed feeling relaxed. But next step will be dealing with the sense of rubbishness  that has  cropped up with not being able to blog in the way I want 🙁. Maybe lunch will help?