A bit of crochet

So I’ve not posted about my crochet for a while… But I HAVE been doing some! Last weekend I caught up quite a lot with the seaside stash buster blanket and created a lot of ends!

Also a friend of mine and her daughter wanted to learn how to crochet as they’d been given a couple of crochet kits as presents but didn’t know how to crochet. So they came for lunch and the lesson started. E (aged 7) got the chain sussed, but found the next stage too much for the same afternoon. K (her mum) persevered and found a way to hold the wool and wrap yarn and manipulate it all, which was fab. I was really proud of her persevering and her final piece of crochet.

This weekend I kept going with the stashbuster, and yesterday and today I got all the rest of the ends sewn in.

Look no ends!

I particularly liked learning the basket weave stitch, which I’d never done before. Though I did have to play yarn chicken with the green yarn… Lost the first game, so unravelled the incomplete fourth row and re crocheted it with a smaller hook, which got me to 4 sections from the end 🙄. So third game I frogged 2 rows and recrocheted them both. That was the game I won!

Earlier I really enjoyed making the mint choc chip ice cream rows in granny stitch.

I’m feeling rather pleased with myself right now, and hoping I don’t get so far behind again!