Inktober day 8 – star

I decided to make today a bit of an easier day and use a star shape that I would fill with doodles and some zentangle patterns.

My aim was to divide the star up and have half of each point in a darker design and half in a lighter design, to try to give it a slightly 3d effect. I went round and did all the darker sections first and almost decided to leave it at that,

but after going out for dinner (mmmm, yummy wagamama!) I decided to fill in the paler sections.

I’m glad I did as it feels a lot more finished now, and I got to try out more patterns and designs. I’m not sure the 3d thing really worked, but I did enjoy not having to make my drawing look like a target picture. It was relaxing just filling in spaces and coloring a bit, which was nice.

Tomorrow’s prompt is precious. I’m going to need to think about that a bit before I get any ideas that don’t involve gollum! 😂



Hey there and happy weekend to you all 🤗

I feel its been too long since my last giveaway, so here we are! This time it’s a selection of jewellery. There are 4 ‘prizes’ so 4 potential winners (if enough people enter the giveaway!).

Here they are

1. Pink and red heart bracelet on elastic

2. Blue and white star bracelet (though now I’ve finished it I’ve noticed a few rogue pink seed beads in there… Let’s say it’s quirky… Or unique!) on elastic

3. Double Washer necklace (painted with nail varnish) with adjustable cord

4. Single washer necklace with adjustable cord

To enter, leave a comment below, letting me know which is/are your favourite/s. If things work out I’ll try to match the winners (in the order they come out of the hat) to their favourite item.

I will ship to anywhere,so this giveaway is open to all.

I will draw the winners on Tuesday 10th July 🤗🎉