Inktober day 27 – thunder

Here’s the photo I used for today’s prompt. And here’s my attempt at it

I’m not happy with the sky but I really don’t like shading big areas as I don’t think they ever look right. Does anyone have any advice on this? Do I just need to be more careful at getting the lines even and all going in exactly the same direction


Inktober day 6 – drooling

Hey there. I may be a glutton for punishment but today’s drawing is another baby’s face! It’s not perfect but I feel it may be an improvement on my attempt at my sleeping nephew!

It’s based on this picture and I used my unipin black fineliners and one of my whsmith grey fineliners to do some of the shading so it wouldn’t be quite so dark. I also added white highlights on the bubbles with a white uniball pen.

Here it is… What do you think?

Again I did a pencil outline to try to get proportions right first, which was helpful as I did have to rub out a few times!!