Craft swap

This evening I went to our local library where they have knit and natter on a Wednesday evening. Tonight they also had a craft swap. I came away with lots of bits of material that will hopefully feed my new found patchwork interest for a while! 

I also spent time there and then back in my garden with a lovely Korev lager, crocheting an octopus to send to a hospital for a premature baby. After about an hour and a half i have an octopus with one and a half legs! I love how their legs curl up as you do 2 or 3 double crochets (UK terms) in each of the chain. 

It took me a while to get used to crocheting with cotton, but it’s  ok now and I’m getting quicker with it. It was fun hanging out with lots of crafty people, and bizarre because when one lady asked what I was making and I told her she said “what, one of these?” and pulled a finished octopus out of her bag! She’d already made two, so it was handy to chat to her about it. 

Shopping spree

Today after work I treated  myself to a leisurely browse around a craft shop. 45 minutes later I came home with a bag  full of goodies! 

It’s all for a mix of crafts. So i bought a book that was in the magazine section which gives ideas of different crafts and instructions on how to do  them, which I thought  would be good for expanding my creative repertoire! 

I’m not sure about the tea blending, but we’ll see! 

I also bought some funky materials (something I never thought I’d do) and a patchwork ruler, with the aim of making a patchwork pillowcase… Maybe for me, or maybe as a present, I’m not sure yet. I’d  started off picking up a fat quarter of fabrics with birds on but when I saw these I couldn’t resist their brightness, so i put the bird ones back. I couldn’t find the perfect bluey green cotton for sewing them so I got this really cool variegated cotton which I hope will look cool even if my stitches show. 

I bought some fine line drawing pens to go with a small sketchbook I have, as I want to try drawing some birds  over the Easter holidays. 

Also a book of different patterned papers for another idea I’ve had for making pretty pictures,and some new sharp scissors. 

And finally some black cards with some oil pastels for an idea I’ve had for making cards (the fixative is to stop the pastels coming off when they’re touched, and the pens are for writing in the cards… I hope they work-I’ve yet to find a reliable metallic gel pen that writes smoothly). 

I thought that was my final comment but look! 

I just went to put my materials away and discovered that one of them has  little elephants on… It’s even more gorgeous than I already thought. 

So, my current focus is my crochet scarf, but after that it could be any of a number of projects! Have I got you excited about what might be coming up on my blog in the near future?! 😊


Today I got to try something new. I don’t do sewing and i don’t do ironing but today i did lots of both as I hand sewed the patchwork part of a quilted cushion cover!

A lovely lady from my church ran a quilting workshop today to teach some of us how to quilt. Sue had given me and Mark a patchwork quilt that she had made for our wedding and every morning I admire the amount of work that went into it.


Having started the blog I thought this was a good opportunity to try something new, even though I assumed it would be something of a disaster and that I wouldn’t really enjoy it!

Positive attitude in hand (though looking forward to seeing people!) i headed off to church and chose from a lovely selection of different coloured materials that sue had provided.

Funnily enough I actually enjoyed ironing my choice of materials. Normally I add more creases than I remove but ironing a flat, single-layer item seemed to work better!IMAG0677

Then I started cutting my squares.

Three  squares each of my 3 colours. Each square was 4 and a half inches ,and then I played around with the order of squares until I found a pattern I liked .


Then the sewing  started, but it was strangely relaxing. Folding  my squares onto each other with right sides touching each other i drew a quarter inch line as a sewing guide. I then back stitched along it and did the same for different pairs until I had 3 rows of squares.IMAG0681

I pressed the seams so they would lie flat behind the darkest square and then sue showed me how to lock the seams together and attach the rows to each other. It was nostalgic as I got to use the coloured pins I’d had in my wedding bouquet to hold the seams together.

I was really proud of my square and was keen to move on with adding the border (so keen I forgot to take photos!). So I cut strips that were 2 and a half inches wide and started sewing  these on, short edges first and longer edges after. Other people were stopping for lunch but I was impatient to finish. Unfortunately that shows in how much more visible my stitching is on the edge pieces. My sewing kit is not very extensive so i was  using my only pure cotton thread, which is white, and which shows up rather dramatically when you  look closer.IMAG0686


I am really proud of this though, and that I sewed it by hand. I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed it, and my sense of achievement is huge. I was so excited I was bouncing around the church hall as I completed different  parts. And far from thinking this would be the one and only time I’d do this sort of thing I’m already thinking of what else I could make with patchwork!

Thank you sue for being a patient and great teacher and for sharing my excitement. I’m looking forward to adding wadding and backing to quilt it.

P. S. Here’s a photo of the underneath as promised in the comments