Third and final post for today! A pretty notebook

Wow… I’ve had a super crafty day! I’ve been sat in front of the TV all afternoon, with three different football matches in the background, which has been cool. But at least I have been productive too!

My final project for the day was another attempt at coptic bookbinding to make a little notebook that I decorated with birds and flowers, and wrote a variety of Jane austen quotes in (you’ve got to love her!).

I followed a different tutorial this time and am really pleased with how my stitching turned out. Next time I need to remember to do more than 3 rows of stitching as it’s the inner lines that look best (rather than the top and bottom ones).

It’s definitely better now I have waxed thread as well, though next time I need to think harder at the beginning how much I might need… This time I ran out part way through and had to tie more on!! Oh well, its a good job I’m getting to be less of a perfectionist with my crafts!